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[REBOL] Re: Qs: + How to add a scroll bar to text-list in /View?

From: gscottjones:mchsi at: 21-Jun-2002 15:52

From: "Jason Cunliffe" <snip and Q1 and Q2 self-answered>
> Q3: How to tabulate and style data within each line of the text-list?
You will need to use the list style instead of text-list. Documentation is noticeably more shy in this arena. You will find some help here:
> Q3: Does IOS come with any better /View /VID developer docs beyond what is > already scattered around??
In a word, no. :-)
> Q4: How does RT expect people to develop IOS apps? > .. Perhaps they don't - it's a way to invite developer business for > themselves..[more power to them] > .. or are they simply overwhelmed by life, time and resources [I know I
am] I think that they would be pleased as punch to have people developing for IOS and helping them sell lots of installations. I think the answer lies more in the limited resource realm, but I do not know the *real* answer.
> Q5: Is any View /VID book in the works? The only > REBOL book with /VIEW info I know of is an English > translation of Olivier Auverlot's excellent French book. > But there's much more needed..
I think that most on the list would love to see comprehensive documentation on both /View and VID. I am not aware of any other books in the works, but I doubt we would hear about it until it would be released. BTW, I have not seen Olivier Auverlot's english translated version yet.
> Q6a: What do you all think the publishing prospects are for /View? > Q6b:What do you all think the publishing prospects are for /View if
oriented to
> IOS?
I am not clear what exactly you mean by "publishing prospects." Do you mean books?
> Q7: Even if one only pulled together all the current knowledge, > do you think that would be valuable in a single paperback / PDF? > I am assuming it would have a GOOD index]
I do. I'm sure others would, also.
> If such were published do you think it would be > hopelessly out of date by that time?
The pace of version releases seems to be slowing as the platform becomes more stable and RT focuses on income-generating activities. My guess is that a new book would get some shelf life before being hopelessly out of date. I still successfully refer to the /Core 2.3 pdf.
> Is there any point until /View gets sizers and other > modern GUI features implemented? > [..ouch! Did I say that?] > Are such in the works?
Ouch is right. :-( I think that the single thing that would help any/all aspects of REBOL would be wider adoption of the technology. O'reilly publishing has made a nice business of publishing books that fill in widely used but under documented software (witness the continued prescence of JavaScript on the best-seller lists). Unfortunately, my understanding is that they focus on "open" technologies.
> Q8: > Do the following un-illustrated IOS apps exist? > Agenda > Toolbar > Journal > Whiteboard
I've not yet seen these apps. Could I have overlooked them? Can't help on this one.
<snip> > The irony is that when one knows how, /View is so > fast and easy. But without the knowledge, the time-sink > learning essential features seem quite disproportionate.
I think that this is a valid comment/criticism. This list is an absolutely incredible resource as you have undoubtedly already discovered over the last 4+ months.
> thanks > ./Jason
You are welcome. Hope it helps some. --Scott Jones