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[REBOL] Re: Byte on Mac OS X (and Rebol too)

From: joel:neely:fedex at: 28-Sep-2002 7:54

Hi, Gabriele and all, I posted some links re this topic on Thursday, with subject [REBOL] Re: Cross 'X' Platform? I agree it's encouraging that he mentioned REBOL in the same list with "other important tools". Gabriele Santilli wrote:
> Hi Paolo, > > On Saturday, September 28, 2002, 6:34:59 AM, you wrote: > > PR> I just found this one on > PR> <> > > [OT] I wonder if this stimulates the Linux people to create a > better desktop, and better multimedia support. The only thing I > didn't like was that "BSD kernel running on top of a Mach > microkernel" --- I'm not sure I would want an OS that needs TWO > kernels to run. (Also, that not on microkernels not being fast > enough shows that that guy has never seen AmigaOS or QNX...) >
I'm a bit puzzled by his choice of phrasing re kernel layers, but don't see "kernel over microkernel" as any more of an issue than layers in other contexts (e.g., protocol stacks). The use of a microkernel as a single point of control for resource sharing and message passing in support of higher layers of system management is well established AFAICT in the RTOS arena, where speed is of the essence (pSOS in addition to your citation of QNX). Just for the sake of completeness, we could add the Next OS (of which OS X appears to be a descendent). However, the point remains that getting Unix on the desktop is A Good Thing, and the choice of Aqua-vs-terminal as the primary point of contact is a tomayto/tomahto issue AFAIAC. IMHO, the combination of VisiCalc and the Apple ][ probably had more to do with early penetration of the professional (e.g. accountants) and corporate markets by personal computing than anything else. Wouldn't it be great if the combination of Mac OS X (nee Unix) and REBOL could play a corresponding role in helping the larger market really "get it" about distributed computing as well? And even if it does so by motivating the Linux community to pay more attention to interfaces for the non-technical user, that's OK too... Take a look at for another Unix-on-desktop alternative: a $199 box sold by WalMart which runs Lindows (Debian deriviative with glue to run uSoft apps) now supported by AOL. Any foot in the door will do... ;-) -jn- -- ; Joel Neely joeldotneelyatfedexdotcom REBOL [] do [ do func [s] [ foreach [a b] s [prin b] ] sort/skip do function [s] [t] [ t: "" foreach [a b] s [repend t [b a]] t ] { | e s m!zauafBpcvekexEohthjJakwLrngohOqrlryRnsctdtiub} 2 ]