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[REBOL] Re: Help!

From: al:bri:xtra at: 23-Oct-2000 23:01

Sharriff wrote:
> Here is a simplified snippet of a sort of user validation that Im
> challenge: make object! [ log-name: "sharriff" password: "gong" ] > temp-logname: to-word challenge/log-name > temp-password: challenge/password > validname: select temp-db temp-logname > validpass: find temp-db temp-password > either found? validname [either found? validpass [print "go"][print > "nogo"]] [ print "wrong password"] > > The problem is, the outer "Either" never evalutes if "validname" is true,
can someone tell me what Ive overlooked? I'd be reluctant to do this:
> temp-logname: to-word challenge/log-name
what if challenge/log-name _isn't_ valid Rebol word? Like: Andrew.1 Also, for this line: validpass: find temp-db temp-password I think you might mean: validpass: find temp-db VALIDNAME but I'm uncertain of your intent. Have you thought about using an Associative array? Then, for putting passwords in, you could write: Associate Passwords-Block "sharriff" "gong" Associate Passwords-Block "Andrew.1" "%#2" Then you could retrieve the passwords by writing: Associate? Passwords-Block "Andrew.1" == "%#2" Associate? Passwords-Block ask "What's your User name:" ask "What's your Password:" and you could check for bad passwords, like this: Associate? Passwords-Block "J. Random Hacker" == none I thought this approach would be a lot cleaner. The code for Associate and Associate? is below my .sig. I hope that helps! Andrew Martin ICQ: 26227169 -><- [ Associate!: make object! [ Find: function [Block [block!] Key] [Index] [ Index: Block until [ Index: system/words/find/only Index Key if not found? Index [return none] either odd? offset? Block Index [ Index: next Index false ][ true ] ] Index ] set 'Associate? function [Block [block!] Key] [Index] [ either found? Index: Find Block Key [ first second Index ][ none ] ] set 'Associate function [Block [block!] Key Value] [Index] [ Index: Find Block Key either none? Value [ if found? Index [ remove/part Index 2 ] ][ Value: reduce [Value] either found? Index [ change/only next Index Value ][ append Block reduce [Key Value] ] ] Block ] ] ]