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[REBOL] Re: Many Topics (was: Killer Application)

From: greggirwin:mindspring at: 17-Aug-2002 9:29

Hi Dick, (and thanks to Andrew, Joel, et al for tackling lots of questions) << Where is the formal documentation that describes IOS? >> There is some markteting on the REBOL web site, but the "official" stuff you will probably need to request an eval of IOS to get to. Even then, the standard eval servers I think are targeted less at developers and more at end users. It's a good place to start though. << I want a unique number which is 1 greater than the last one obtained, worldwide. >> Let's see, write a server that generates the number and serve it's functionality up via CGI or Rugby (a remote brokering/RPC engine written in REBOL). Locally, it can just write to a file on the server where it lives. Lots of issues surrounding that kind of thing though, regarding availability, scalability, etc. << What can Rebol do that is not just a scalar operation? >> Joel gave an answer on this, but if it's not what you're after, I don't understand the question (as Andrew didn't). << Has anyone constructed a multi-user spreadsheet with Rebol? >> Rebocalc is a single user spreadsheet. I don't think it's been extended too heavily by many people (some though), but I'm also not clear on what you mean by "multi-user". I.e. as in multi-user database, or as in live collaboration across the net, or something else? In any case, I'd say probably not. << What do you mean by "It blurs the lines"? >> Code is data and data is code. You might say that about any interpreted language, but REBOL goes *way* beyond the "build a string and pass it to eval" model. Much more like you can do stuff in assembly. That's one line it blurs, another is the creation of domain-specific languages. In most languages you write functions to do that. You can do that in REBOL too, but you can also write dialects, driven by real parsers, that allow you to create powerful new "mini languages" *very* easily. These languages are not REBOL, but the understand the same wide range of datatypes and so are often similar to REBOL in many ways. << Has a dynamic generalized RDBMS table browser been written in Rebol? Something like Toad? >> I don't know what Toad is, but not AFAIK. << RE: Printing example >> REBOL and IOS both run on top of "true" operating systems, so there may be an entirely different set of things to deal with. Must it be a cross platform solution? Should it allow finding, and printing to, printers anywhere in the world? Can you "Print To" other formats in addition to just hard-copy? Do you use the OS print services or go around them? Etc. << What is a 'true application'? >> Good question. Something that performs a task, or allows you to perform a task, other than just viewing data. How's that? << What is a 'full GUI' ? >> Another good question! :) A display that may contain a variety of UI gadgets for entering data, triggering actions, monitoring progress, etc. << What is 'data persistence' ? >> The ability to store and retrieve data across sessions of an application. HTH! --Gregg