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[REBOL] Re: GMANE --> was {Re: Re: List subscription}

From: jasonic::nomadics::org at: 26-Aug-2004 12:55

Hi Sunanda
> That's because it uses frames -- which are a terrible idea for a web > interface.
Presonally I don't mind them.. These days smart CSS is taking over , but there's still a considerable learning curve. Not everyone is up to Eric Meyer's skills yet. Anyway, Gmane has a nice toggle to turn frames on or off. At the bottom of any newslist page But one loses the cool navbar when you do that. It's a choice and a tradeoff epoipel can decide for themselves.
> One random reference for the problems with frames: >
Thanks I'll read it...
> That's part of the reason why it **needs** some Javascript to work. Again, > not a great idea as something like 15% of people (and 100% of search
> don't browse with Javascript enabled.
hmm... Again I personally like Javascript. I've always felt the advatnages far exceed the disadvantages. The problem these days is mainly Internet Explorer.Too vulnerable. Google Pop blocker improves life a lot, but I recently switched to Firefox as my default browser. IT's the first Mozilla browser I've liek and I liek it very much. Graet plugins too. Good download architecture etc. Only 2 pages so far have drawn badly on it. Funnky html table prpblems, otherwise it shines.
> So overall, GMANE's interface is not one I'd **recommend** for general
> Of course, it's fine for the people it works for.
Ok fair enough. I still believe Rebol needs better exposure. The hardest thing for years has been piss-poor visibility if you search via google for anything rebol. IT simply flew off the regular Web HTML radar. Which is a big shame. I imagine since that that situation has improved some. Inlcding Rebol in Gmane would improve Rebol's visibiloty but do so in a safe way.
> I've fixed that. Sorry, it's not a colored bar. It's a navigation bar, at
> bottom of the message, that is consistent with the other nav-bars used on >, eg: >
Terrific.. thank you very much! [constructive criticisms] I'd suggest you also add the nav bar at the top by the header. That would avoid a lot of up-down scrolling when one does not need/want to read every message. I notice as great as is, it could also benefit quickly from CSS tune-up. For example you do not seem to use 'visited' link style anywhere. That is a great shame. It's easy to add css to render visited hover active link etc and improves user navigation enormously. Also I wonder why the message headers are in blue underline? Blue underline is such a strong convention since Mosaic [1993] to indicate hyperlink. But really I don's see why the underline is necessary? Blue highlights it well. It's enough. The underline is overkill and suggests it is a link, but it is not. Less is more. Either way you have been building a fantastic resource at Thank you. Jason