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[REBOL] Re: Rebol TUI for Command Line Linux(browse-system.r)

From: tim::johnsons-web::com at: 28-Oct-2003 7:57

* Ben Minton <[benminton--austarnet--com--au]> [031028 02:49]:
> Hi List,
Hi Ben: I am attaching browse-system.r You might find this to be an example of how to a simple text-based interface. It isn't really text-cell graphics but it is an understandable interface and *also* is a good way to understadn the rebol system and resources. BTW: The author was on the rebol development team and is a member and frequent contributor to this list. tj
> I previously posted a question re a rebol web browser > for a command line linux install. Both Tom and Tim > (thanks to you both), gave a reply or two and > suggested that I refine my questions, back to the list. > > One reply stated that I can 'use ansi escape > sequences to build some sort of TUI'. > > Has anyone had experience with this? I was also > suggested to go to and look > at 'Dialecting and the Console' , which I am doing now. > > Just for info, the reason why I have a command line > linux install is I am using old gen PCs and a desire to > learn linux, from actually tinkering. > > Thanks, Ben > -- > To unsubscribe from this list, just send an email to > [rebol-request--rebol--com] with unsubscribe as the subject.
-- Tim Johnson <[tim--johnsons-web--com]> -- Attached file included as plaintext by Ecartis -- REBOL [ Title: "System Object Browser" Date: 3-Jun-1999 Author: "Bohdan Lechnowsky" Email: [bo--rebol--com] File: %browse-system.r Purpose: { To make browsing the system object safe and easy. Also allows changes to be made. } Category: [script utility] ] align: function [ "Forms data into a specified number of columns with optional alignment" data length /left /right /center] [len] [ if right [ return head copy/part tail insert/dup head form data " " length (length * -1) ] if center [ data: head insert/dup head form data " " len: (length / 2) data: head insert/dup tail data " " len return copy/part at data ((length? data) / 2 - len + 1) length ] return copy/part head insert/dup tail form data " " length length ] parent-item: func [path] [ either find path "/" [ path: tail path while [not find/part path "/" 1] [ path: back path ] return head clear path ][ print "^/ERROR: You are already at the top of the system object" return path ] ] protocol-menu: func [path] [ if not object? path [ display path return none ] if current-path = "system/words" [ print "^/ERROR: Accessing system/words will lead to an endless recursive loop" return none ] protocols: remove copy first path print [newline "===" current-path "==="] if current-path <> "system" [print " 0 > PARENT"] for index 1 (length? protocols) 1 [ prin [(align/right index 3) ">" (align pick protocols index 20)] if not all [(current-path = "system") ((pick protocols index) = 'words)] [ if (not find value: mold pick (second path) (index + 1) "^/") [ prin align value 50 if (length? value) > 50 [prin " ..."] ] ] prin newline ] print " 99 > EXIT" prin newline while [error? try [choice: to-integer ask "->"]] [ print "ERROR: Please enter a number from the list above" ] either error? try [field: pick protocols choice] [ current-path: parent-item current-path return none ][ if choice = 99 [halt] return field ] ] display: func [path] [ print ["The value of" current-path "is" mold path newline] choice: ask "Do you want to change this (y/n)? " if choice = "y" [ value: load ask "What is the new value: " do command: rejoin [current-path ": " mold value] print [ newline "To make this change permanent, add the following" "line to your %user.r file:" newline newline command newline ] choice: ask "Do you want me to add this to your %user.r file (y/n)? " if choice = "y" [ either exists? user: join system/options/home %user.r [ write/append user append command newline print [newline "Made addition to" user] ][ either exists? %user.r [ write/append %user.r append command newline print [newline "Made addition to" join what-dir %user.r] ][ print [newline "ERROR: Could not find %user.r or %../user.r"] ] ] ] ] ] start: func [] [ current-path: "system" while [true] [ if error? try [selection: protocol-menu do current-path][ print [newline "ERROR: Cannot view this item"] selection: none ] either found? selection [ current-path: rejoin [current-path "/" selection] ][ current-path: parent-item current-path ] ] ] start