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[REBOL] Re: World Wide Rabbit - and what can be done to fix it?

From: edanaii:cox at: 20-Oct-2002 8:43

Rebolinth wrote:
>Hi Jason, >
>I have a Lot of programmer around me and they all swear on C/C++, pitty it is, >i cant get them to work with rebol, And im wondering why? >
Their are several reasons for this, IMHO. First, because computer geeks are limited in their thinking. They are some of the smarter people in this world, but they achieve their ability by limiting the things they are willing to try. Second, as a computer geek, I've always been a fan of faster, better, easier. This is the normal trend for almost everything but computers. Your average computer nerd, OTOH, seems to prefer faster, better, more complicated. This gives them a distinct advantage ; the more incomprehensible the task is, the more genius they appear. Third, is the fear of anything new. For your average nerd, the uncertainty of anything new means he runs the risk of not looking as smart as he would like to. It's sad, really. Over the years I've watched a number of new technologies come and go. And not because they weren't better, but because no one was willing to try them. Amiga, anyone? :) As a fan of that old machine, I loved its ease of use, its intuitiveness, and of course, its power. And what computer wins the computer wars, M$, of course. But more to my point, what computer won the hearts of Computer Geeks everywhere? Linux. Both are systems that are powerful and usable, but just plain incomprehensible to your average Joe Another case in point, I've watched a number of languages come and go over the years, we've had Fortran, COBOL, BASIC, COMAL, Forth, and many more come and go. Some of which attempted to make programming easier for all to understand (COBOL, BASIC), but what languages have actually reigned supreme? C, C++ and Java. All languages that are admittedly powerful, but are just as equally incomprehensible to J. Q. Public. Computers and languages belong to the Mentacrocy, if I may coin a phrase, where the smart people are clearly in charge and intend to stay there by keeping everyone else as confused as possible. And I doubt that it will change. At least it won't until the computers become smart enough to know what we are asking for, not what we are telling them. :) I applaud Carl for trying to make REBOL easier for all to comprehend, but as long as nerds everywhere refuse to try anything new, as long as they prefer to be geniuses, and limited in there thinking, Carl, and all others who would try and make the computer world and easier place, have a tough battle ahead of them. -- Sincerely, | We're Human Beings, with the blood of a million Ed Dana | savage years on our hands! But we can stop it! We Software Developer | can admit we're killers, but we're not going to 1Ghz Athlon Amiga | kill today. That's all it takes! Knowing that we're | not going to kill... Today! -- Star Trek.