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From: robbo1mark::aol::com at: 5-Jul-2001 5:43

ZERO-INDEX-PATCH.r Hello Idee ( that's JEFF in zero index alphabet 8-) see I do have a sense of humour! well sometimes. Everybody, Now that we've all had a good debate / laugh about zeroth's, offsets, squinty sideways zero's looking like one's and gymnastic balancing pinkie coding amendments to REBOL maybe it's time to bring some closure to all of this. As [Jeff--REBOL] suggested Iam proposing to write a Zero-Index-Patch.r which will "Fix" REBOL and make it's indexing work properly starting from zero like all good languages should! Why would I want to do this, well for "hack" value alone it's worth doing! but also to show that it's NOT as scary nor as BIG an undertaking as Jeff may have lead us to believe. I've included at the end of this mailing an amended save-sources function definition which extends Elan's function from the RTOG book to save to a file the source / specs for ALL REBOL any-function! values including native!, action! & op! types. I did a quick check last night on the mezzanine function sources and discovered that series! indexing func's like 'PICK, 'AT, 'SELECT etc aren't used as often as you might think! less than twenty instances for each one if you exclude their use as commentary in documentation strings. I'm NOT going to get into a HOLY WAR about the merits of ZEROTH or otherwise suffice to say that it's clear in my mind that in a series of index numbers beginning at zero (or any other number ie 7 ) I can show you the FIRST element and the SECOND etc. I'd be hard pushed to show you a ZEROTH element. So for my purposes ZERO-INDEX-PATCH.r will operate on the following assumptions. 1. Series will start from Index Position 0 2. First will STILL mean First Item of a series & ditto for SECOND, THIRD, FOURTH etc. examples.....
>> FIRST [a b c]
== a
>> PICK [a b c] 0
== a
>> SECOND [a b c]
== b
>> PICK [a b c] 1
== b Does everybody get it? This way seems perfectly clear, consistent, logical & easily learnable, understandable & rememberable to me, and I suspect other zero-indexers like Joel Neely & Ken Anthony etc. If you don't get it, think of Joels twenty four hour clock example where the hours number 0 through 24 and the minutes and second number 0 through 59. 3. All zero based values will have LOGICAL equivalence. This means that for INDEXING & CONDITIONAL functions like PICK, AT, SELECT as well as IF & EITHER etc. will accept the following..... logic! FALSE = none! NONE = integer! 0 = decimal! 0.0 Here's some examples to help you understand...
>> pick [ a b ] 0
== a
>> pick [ a b ] false
== a
>> pick [ a b ] none
== a
>> pick [ a b ] 0.0
== a
>> pick [ a b ] true
== b In the above examples the 'index arguments are coerced to their logical equivalent integer! value ie either 0 or 1. Similarly consider these...
>> if true [ true ]
== true
>> if 1 [ true ]
== true
>> if 3.141592 [ true ]
== true
>> either false [ true ] [false ]
== false
>> either none [ true ] [ false ]
== false
>> either 0 [ true ] [ false ]
== false
>> either 0.0 [ true ] [ false ]
== false
>> either 1 [ true ] [ false ]
== true In the above examples the 'condition arguments are coerced to their logical equivalent logic! values ie either true or false. Now before anybody screams that the TRUE-BLOCK & FALSE-BLOCK's are the wrong way round, well maybe so but the plan here is to keep them in the above order as is in keeping with the common IF / ELSE BLOCK ordering that is to be found in nearly ALL programming languages. It is already well understood and widely used concept. So that is the aims of ZERO-INDEX-PATCH.r IF you accept the meaning of FIRST, SECOND, THIRD as I have outlined above then only a much smaller percentage of existing REBOL code has to be modified. If you run the save-sources function then you can see for yourself where the indexing & conditional functions are used in mezzanine source code. Disclaimer, I've still to check SYSTEM object! ROOT-PROTOCOL & NET-UTILS so they to will have to be audited & necessary changes made. IF anybody else wants to join in with ZERO-INDEX-PATCH.r then please make your interest known here on the list and hopefully we can work together on re-defining the necessary functions, testing, debugging and optimizing our code changes. I think it would only take a day or two to identify & make the necessary changes & recoding definitions, given some clear time to focus attention on the problem, obviously it will take weeks / months to fully test and debug and optimise ZERO-INDEX-PATCH.r however the more interest and help to hand then the easier this should be. WARNING! At the end of the day this will most probably be an exercise in futility because I don't think RT Inc are going to make such a deep change to REBOL at this stage, but maybe I'm wrong. However If anybody else feels it would be a good thing or even a fun and intersting thing to do then please let me know and post your comments and suggestions here. Cheers everybody / Idee ( Sorry I mean Jeff 8-) Mark Dickson ----- REBOL SAVE-SOURCES FUNCTION DEFINITION ---------------------------------------- save-sources: func [filename [file!] /local words][ write filename "REBOL Sources: ^/^/" words: load sort first system/words foreach word words [ if all [value? word any-function? get word] [ either any [native? get word action? get word op? get word] [ write/append filename join word [": " mold get word " " mold third get word "^/^/^/"] ] [ write/append filename join word [": " mold get word "^/^/^/"] ] ] ] ]