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[REBOL] Re: Info on 'list style

From: felixs:ihug:au at: 17-Apr-2002 6:06

Hi Alan, I had the same problem but I found I played with it a little and ended up with this ( I took out the 3l33t column sorting bit though ;) REBOL [ row-item: make object! [ val1: copy "" val2: copy "" val3: copy "" ] list-data: copy [] for i 1 50 1 [ append list-data make row-item [ val1: reform ["Item" i] val2: "Column number 2" val3: "Col 3"] ] onSel: func [row-index] [ itm: pick list-data row-index if none? itm [exit] print reform ["picked:" itm/val1] ] ;- For the scroll bar cnt: 0 sel: -1 curr: 0 count: 0 data-list: layout [ origin 0x0 space 0x0 across button "Col1" 50 button "Col2" 180 button "Col3" 74 return tbl: list 300x200 [ origin 0 pad 0x0 across space 0 txt 50x20 [sel: curr unfocus show tbl onSel sel] txt 180x20 [sel: curr unfocus show tbl onSel sel] txt 74x20 [sel: curr unfocus show tbl onSel sel] ] supply [ curr: count + cnt face/text: copy "" face/color: ivory if even? count [face/color: ivory - 20.20.20] row-itm: pick list-data curr if none? row-itm [exit] switch index [ 1 [ str: row-itm/val1 ] 2 [ str: row-itm/val2 ] 3 [ str: row-itm/val3 ] ] face/text: str face/font/color: black if sel = curr [face/color: 160.255.160] ] sld: slider 16x200 [ c: max 0 to-integer (length? list-data) * value if c <> cnt [cnt: c show tbl ] ] ] view data-list ] One thing I'm not sure of how to do though, is to make this into a reusable widget. Could anyone give me an idea of where to start on that? HTH, Felix ----- Original Message ----- From: "alan parman" <[reboler--programmer--net]> To: <[rebol-list--rebol--com]> Sent: Tuesday, April 16, 2002 11:05 AM Subject: [REBOL] Re: Info on 'list style
> Thanks for the pointers, Anton and Geza! > > I now have nearly complete success with what I wanted to do with 'list and
> One more thing though, if you all would be so kind... > > Anton's scroller demo is still a bit complex for me (especially given that
I am still learning the 'list style). Anton, the demo mentions that your special scroller style is not necessary for scrolling a 'list.
> What are the essentials for scrolling a 'list? > (I know about 'scroll-para and have and have used 'crop on images, and
investigated the origin method, but none of these work on 'list). Is it similar to a 'text-list, with face/sld/data and face/sn, etc?