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[REBOL] Re: object funnies

From: allenk:powerup:au at: 18-Oct-2001 16:35

A script from Jeff may help track it down. Cheers, Allen K REBOL [ Title: "Check-leaks" Purpose: "Check a script for word leaks" Usage: { DO this before you do anything else in your script. After a little while (after things have evaluated), call check-word-leaks which will print out words that have leaked out to the global context and write out a file called %word-leaks.txt } Author: "Jeff Kreis" Email: [jeff--rebol--com] data: 16-Feb-2001 ] check-word-leaks: func [ /local some-leaks ][ some-leaks: copy [] foreach word possible-leaks [ if all [not find global-leaks word value? word] [append some-leaks probe word] ] if not empty? some-leaks [ append global-leaks some-leaks ] write/append %word-leaks.txt mold some-leaks ] get-block-sets: func [ blk [block!] /local flat flat2 sets-on nests sets ][ append flat: copy [] blk flat2: copy [] sets: copy [] sets-on: 0 until [ nests: false forall flat [ if sets-on > 0 [sets-on: sets-on - 1] if flat/1 = 'set [sets-on: 2] if all [lit-word? flat/1 sets-on > 0][ append sets to-word flat/1 ] if set-word? flat/1 [append sets to-word flat/1] if block? flat/1 [ nests: true append flat2 flat/1 if sets-on > 0 [ append sets flat/1] ] ] flat: head flat2 flat2: copy [] not nests ] sets ] wordize: func [blk [block!] /local res][ res: copy [] foreach item blk [if any-word? item [append res to-word item]] res ] global-leaks: copy [] possible-leaks: copy [] x-fnctn-x: :function! function!: make x-fnctn-x [a][ reduce ['x-fnctn-x a] ] make': :make make: make' x-fnctn-x [type spec /local err][ if object! = type [ return make-watch object! spec ] if all [ block? type 2 = length? type type/1 = 'x-fnctn-x ][ ;print ["Making function:" mold second type mold spec] return make-watch/fun second type spec ] if object? type [ return make-watch type spec ] if set-word! <> type [ return make' type spec ] to-set-word spec ] make-watch: make' x-fnctn-x [ type spec /fun /local end res leaks poss locs ][ poss: copy [] append poss get-block-sets spec foreach word poss [ if not value? word [ append possible-leaks word ] ] possible-leaks: unique possible-leaks possible-leaks res: either fun [ make' x-fnctn-x type spec ][ make' type spec ] :res ]