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[REBOL] Re: Send errors

From: christmn:clackamas:ds:adp at: 22-Nov-2000 15:50

Send yourself a message to one of the sites that works. Get it with Outlook or Outlook Express and do right click - Properties, click the Details tab, click the Message Source button. Look at the message header and see who it thinks the message is from. It sounds as if the machine you are sending from is setup as localhost without a valid DNS hostname. SMTP packages normally have security settings allowing administrators to not except any email from a host that does not have a valid reverse lookup. There are other admin settings in SMTP and MS Exchange also that allow security settings not to accept from any sender not specifying a domain in 'MAIL FROM' field. Here are just a couple of config option on Sendmail daemon that may cause your problem. These options are configurable by site, so a mailer can curb spam, unauthorized relaying etc. relay_local_from Allows relaying if the domain portion of the mail sender is a local host. This should only be used if absolutely necessary as it opens a window for spammers. Specifically, they can send mail to your mail server that claims to be from your domain (either directly or via a routed address), and you will go ahead and relay it out to arbitrary hosts on the Internet. accept_unqualified_senders Normally, MAIL FROM: commands in the SMTP session will be refused if the connection is a network connection and the sender address does not include a domain name. If your setup sends local mail unqualified (i.e. MAIL FROM: <joe>), you will need to use this feature to accept unqualified sender addresses. accept_unresolvable_domains Normally, MAIL FROM: commands in the SMTP session will be refused if the host part of the argument to MAIL FROM: cannot be located in the host name service (e.g., DNS). If you are inside a firewall that has only a limited view of the Internet host name space, this could cause problems. In this case you probably want to use this feature to accept all domains on input, even if they are unresolvable. Example header - Received: from donchristmann ( []) by (8.8.8/8.8.8) with SMTP id PAA24431 for <[christmn--clackamas--ds--adp--com]>; Wed, 22 Nov 2000 15:02:09 -0800 (PST) (envelope-from [christmn--clackamas--ds--adp--com]) Message-Id: <[200011222302--PAA24431--clackamas--ds--adp--com]> To: [christmn--clackamas--ds--adp--com] From: [christmn--clackamas--ds--adp--com] Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 15:02:09 -0800 Subject: This is a test X-REBOL: "The Internet Messaging Language (TM) WWW.REBOL.COM" X-UIDL: a;<"!E?-"!?a8!!5Wi"! What you could do is also send the same email to the same ISP, via the same SMTP server, then get it with Outlook/Outlook Express. Compare the two headers - the one sent via Outlook with the one via Rebol. It sounds as if under REBOL you do not have system/user/email set or something else. You probably need to use probe to look at -
>> probe system/user/email
[christmn--clackamas--ds--adp--com] == [christmn--clackamas--ds--adp--com]
>> >> >> probe system/user
make object! [ name: none email: [christmn--clackamas--ds--adp--com] words: none ] Maybe you should also probe send, to see what it does. It isn't surprising that Your Win32 email client works, You have all of it setup - email user name, your email address, smtp smart host, pop3 host, security, passwords if needed etc. You are missing some setups in Rebol or your header is sending 'from [yourname--localhost'] or something weird, that I am sure is just a setup. Why it works at some sites is because of how much security the ISP's SMARTHOST is config'd with. ----- Original Message ----- From: Ken Cadby To: [rebol-list--rebol--com] Sent: Wednesday, November 22, 2000 2:26 PM Subject: [REBOL] Re: Send errors I would expect REBOL to fail with hotmail, but Outlook would work. It sounds like you have another (non-hotmail) example of the failure, but the example you show is hotmail. --Ken.
> *** It is only Rebol that cannot send through some ISP mail servers. > > >> send [any_address--hotmail--com] read %test > > "User Error: Server error: tcp 550 no local host, not a > gateway." > >I have not set anything in Rebol except the name of the ISP's mail server. >I am not running/using a Rebol mail server. > >What seems strange is that I can point a mail client like Outlook to the >same ISP mail server & then message will go out without a hitch.
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