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[REBOL] 'Parse is peculiar! - more details

From: shannon:ains:au at: 14-Dec-2000 21:38

NOTE: I think my last reply was blocked due to having one 'Re:' too many in the sunbject line. If you already read this please ignore. ---- Message Begins ---- Thanks Peter and Andrew, you both know your 'parse. Unfortunately your answers didn't help me with the first issue. Perhaps I need to explain the problem more clearly. I have a large collection of log files generated by a Counter-Strike games server. When a user connects a line is generated that looks like these: L 09/22/2000 - 15:37:25: "*`Ultimate_Master`*<4718>" <WON:26073391>" connected, ip L 09/22/2000 - 15:43:10: "[IMPREA]Smart-Gun!!<4723><WON:23014199>" connected, ip L 09/22/2000 - 15:47:30: "{[FrAg]}-MaN-<4727><WON:19220729>" connected, ip "" L 09/22/2000 - 15:49:22: "<Usyd> H4XX0R<124><WON:20007739>" connected, ip "" As you can see the game appears to impose few restrictions on the range of characters and spaces allowed in a name. It's also a stupid log format. This means I can't use: parse line [thru {"} copy name to {<}] ...because names like <Usyd> H4XXOR would cause parse 'copy to return 'none or a partial name. To make matters worse I just realised that the number following the name (the user id) is not restricted to 4 digits like I originally thought. Therefore I need the following behavoir from 'parse: go thru {"} then copy all text to name until the UID pattern "< some digits >" is found. I don't want the UID included in 'name though. In the lines above that would mean 'name is set to "*`Ultimate_Master`*", "[IMPREA]Smart-Gun!!", "{[FrAg]}-MaN-" and "<Usyd> H4XX0R" respectively. I don't want to go thru the UID I want to go 'to it, but still get a 'true result. Also Peter replied:
>> >> line1: {Lets find "Julie<1234>"} >> >> parse line1 [thru {"} copy name [thru {<} 4 digits {>} (print name)] to end] >> Julie<1234> >> == true > >huh, what? tried above code and it fails ;-) (print name) has to be after the closing >bracket, or you get: > >->> parse line1 [thru {"} copy name [thru {<} 4 digits {>} (print name)] to end] >** Script Error: name has no value >** Near: print name
I guarantee that this line works in the latest rebol/view (experimental) for Win9X. The version is 'REBOL/View 28-Nov-2000'. Which version do you have? This looks like inconsistent behavior. (print name) should execute after the closing '>' is matched. Once again I realise it may be easier to do a find/last or some other trick but i'm more interested in understanding how parse works. It would also make my code cleaner since I use the select convention to choose rules, as in: REBOL ["CS Log Parser"] ; lines omited digits: charset "0123456789" search: func ["Returns matches for search item" line [string!] "Line to search" item [string!] {Valid types are "date", "time", "user", won-id , "ip"} ] [ if not value? 'item [item: ask {Search for? ("date", "time", "user", won-id , "ip"): }] rules: [ "date" [thru {L } copy match to { -} to end (print match)] "time" [thru { - } copy match to {: "} to end (print match)] "user" [thru {: "} copy match to {"} to end (print match)] ; this line is wrong "ip" [thru {ip "} copy match to {"} to end] "won-id" [thru {<WON:} copy match to {>} to end] ] parse line select rules item ] ; __________example_______________________________________________________ log-line: {L 09/22/2000 - 15:49:22: "<Usyd> H4XX0R<124><WON:20007739>" connected, ip } search log-line "user" SpliFF