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[REBOL] Re: ANN: Serve-It! (PRE-release)

From: maarten:vrijheid at: 10-Mar-2004 14:16

Hi Dirk,
>>First of all, nice to see somebody building a webserver on top of hipe, >>my Rugby I/O engine. I always thought it would be possible ;-) > > I didn=B4t know that you are the author of hipe. I=B4ve found an old article on > rebolforces, where "building a server engine" is described. And I used that > info to write the core SSE of Serve-It!. I am sorry for using your work > without honoring it accordingly.
Oh , that's OK. I wrote the article :-) I was merely surprised that anybody used it for this. Ironically I just did a partial http 1.0 server (snuffstream) based on Gabriele's async:// stuff, which Andreas just tested. And I have a http 1.1 version *almost* ready, but I doubt I have time for that the next few weeks/months.
>>Second, in the code you use "async" handlers, but they are in fact >>non-blocking handlers. Async is more on the tcp level, where you also >>get the kind of event (connect, close, read, write,resolve). See >>Gabriele's excellent work on this. > > I know, "async" is not the right name for this handler. My "async"-handler > processes all the requests that are initiated by the proxy-handler upon a > client request and prevents the proxy-handler to block the hole request-queue. > (Until now I didn=B4t found the time to have a look at Gabriele=B4s async-protocol, > but thanx for the hint.) >
I though you'd knew, but I don't want others to be confused.
>>All in all it is very nice work! Now if you can add CGI-like support (if >>only for Reblets) like in webserv.r on the library and relax >>the license so we can use it as an embedded webserver.... I haven't had >>time to test tthe proxy stuff (yet). But, again, very nice work. > > To add CGI-like support for Reblets is on the to-do list, but due to lack of > time it`s not implemented yet. I would also like to add CGI-support in > general, but I am not able to purchase a View/Pro license for AmigaOS from RT=B4s > Website to test the shell(CGI) access accordingly.
Check out the tricks Cal Dixon does in webserv.r on It doesn't need call for "rebol-only".
>>One question: how do you handle very large files (say 600 Mb)? Buffered >>or read them in memory all at once? > > As you=B4ve mentioned, atm large files are buffered in memory all at once. So, > if you want to host large files you have to use a server with at least the > same amount of memory. I=B4ll think this will change in one of the next releases > of Serve-It!, and the I/O will be fragmented to 32KB in size for the > web-server part too.
OK, and then the GUI optional and being able to drive it via a config dialect etc. for embedding in other applications.
> One question for the list: Does anybody know whether it=B4s possible to change > or hide the "R"-logo if you are "online" with a View/application? >
It's gone in newer betas and new versions. --Maarten