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From: holger::rebol::com at: 10-Oct-2001 19:47

On Thu, Oct 11, 2001 at 03:02:06AM +0200, [rebolek--seznam--cz] wrote:
> I wanted to upload a new game to my reb (and I think it may be uploaded) but 'coz REBOL reads IE cache (I don't mind what Holger said it's not only me who had proven the fact) I don't know if the game is working. Well, it's not finished version, I will upload it tommorow, so I won't give any adress. So, why I wrote ths mail? Because I do not like behavior of RT's people. You say - BUG; they say - NO!, HA HA!; you say - YES, BUG, LOOK HERE; the say - ... - well, they do not say anything at all. :(
IE's cache is IE's cache. It is private. REBOL does not know where it is, does not care, and has no reason to access it. When downloading a file by HTTP, REBOL always creates direct socket connections, either to a proxy server or to the web server, as you configured. No exceptions. REBOL never accesses other programs' caches in any way - ever. Besides, the higher-level functions in REBOL are completely platform-independent. There is no Windows-specific code (and thus IE-specific code) anywhere at that layer at all. This means a bug in View could no more cause REBOL to magically access the IE cache than it could make REBOL give your computer wings so it can fly. There is no code for that in REBOL, and such code does not suddenly materialize out of thin air. Those are the facts. If REBOL reads a cached page instead of the original then there are three possible reasons for it: 1. You have configured REBOL to use a proxy server, and it is that proxy server that caches the page (not anything on your machine). In that case disable the proxy server, connect through a different proxy server, or make sure that the proxy server flushes its cache or uses correct caching algorithms. 2. Some machine downstream from you (most likely either your ISP or some connection-sharing router you are using) acts as a transparent proxy server. Same solution as 1. 3. You have installed something on your machine that makes your machine itself act as a transparent proxy, using IE's cache in some way. This is most likely an "Internet accelerator" of some kind that you installed to speed up web transfers. It could also be a firewall or "connection sharing" tool with http direction functions. Either way, it is something specific to your setup that is unrelated to REBOL, and not reproducable here at RT. The only thing we can do is explain to you (again) what might be happening, and give you hints where to look for the problem (Windows Registry, Windows Add/Remove Programs panel, the FAQ page of your ISP etc.), as we have done before. We cannot "fix" the problem for you because it is outside of our scope and responsibility. We have told you these things here on the list and directly by email several times, and cannot really do more than repeat those facts. I have no idea what kind of different behavior you would expect. -- Holger Kruse [holger--rebol--com]