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From: mat:eurogamer at: 4-Jan-2001 1:34

Heya Paul, PT> I know this issue has come up alot with people wanting to create PT> an IRC BOT with REBOL. I have made substanial progress in making PT> one. Now I would like to make it a full fledge project with help PT> from everyone. I wrote a fully functional one. It's an info bot though, I can't be bothered doing channel enforcement stuff when Eggdrop does that fine. Your stuff to do with multiple servers and reconnection etc sounds pretty good - I do REALLY basic stuff on that front. I find my DSL and the IRC server I use pretty damn reliable just to retry the same one. PT> What I want to next is expand this bot even greater as I got alot PT> of ideas for it. I would like the initial interface for starting PT> the bot to be in /View gui. I'm utterly uninterested in a GUI for an IRC bot. It doesn't need one and I'm not happy with the situation with Rebol/view anyhow. PT> I would like it to become more compatible with other irc clients - PT> Dword limit problem mentioned earlier. I would like someone very PT> familiar with eggdrop to provide input as well. Look at the Eggdrop source? It's only done in TCL. PT> all conversation in a channel. I will be making alot of error PT> function corrections as well to get much better error handling. That stuff sounds useful for me. PT> Anyone looking to volunteer to join me and a few others in this effort? Well I can give you a WHOLE LOAD of nifty functions that I added into mine. Stuff like translate based on Bablefish. Ping, whois functions. Dictionary lookup function. Expression Calculation. E-mailing and SMS gatewaying complete with a CGI script which manages the users of this. Tagline telling, joke telling (another site), BBC news headlines, country TLD lookup. Google web search (the most useful by far!) and FTPsearch (Lycos). I've even got Half-Life game server polling stuff. All in my quick and dirty ultra-fast code - nasty as hell but they work. I'd like to rework by bot's error handling stuff so maybe we can work something out to share code. Heh, if anyone can stand the sight of mine :) -- Mat Bettinson - EuroGamer's Gaming Evangelist with a Goatee |