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[REBOL] Re: Another newbie stumper

From: carl:cybercraft at: 25-Feb-2004 14:51

On 25-Feb-04, Kai Peters wrote:
> Hi All ~ > Below is a code snippet that has me stumped: > When I click the toggle, everything works fine. > However, pressing the hot key CTRL-s generates the error below - > shouldn't the hot key do exactly what a left click does?
No - all it does is evaluate the style's block. The toggling and other effects are handled by the face's feel functions. To see toggle's feel, enter this at the console... layout [t: toggle] probe t/feel One way to achieve what you want would be to add a feel block to your style and then place a copy of the engage function in it, but with the line that does the toggling moved to the evaluation block. ie, like this (watch for line-wrap)... view layout [ toggle_start: toggle 60 "Start" "Stop" mint #"^s" feel [ engage: func [face action event][ if find [down alt-down] action [ if face/related [ foreach item face/parent-face/pane [ if all [flag-face? item toggle item/related item/related = face/related item/data] [item/data: item/state: false show item] ] ] ; face/data: face/state: not face/state either action = 'down [do-face face none] [do-face-alt face none] ; show face ] ] ] [ face/data: face/state: not face/state show face ] ] There "show face" has also been moved, since it would be redundant if left in the function. You can now add your color-changing code to the block before the "show face". HTH. Carl Read.
> Thansk for any help, > Kai > snip.... > toggle_start: toggle 60 "Start" "Stop" mint #"^s" > [ > face/color: pick reduce [ sienna mint ] > face/data > show face > scanning?: pick reduce [ yes no] face/data > ] > snip.... > ** Script Error: pick expected index argument of type: number logic > ** Where: func [face value][ > face/color: pick reduce [sienna mint] face/data > show face > scanning?: pick reduce [yes no] face/data > ] > ** Near: face/color: pick reduce [sienna mint] face/data
-- Carl Read