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[REBOL] Re: The Semantic Web - A solution?

From: depotcity::telus::net at: 12-Apr-2001 0:08

Personally, I don't see how XML and the Semantic web will gel? It would require endless streams of coding to get my Rebol powered agent ( ) to get all these disconnected ontologies and tags etc etc. to work together. I don't know, maybe I'm missing something, but the complexity of it all is daunting. The more complex it becomes, the less likely the majority would/could be bothered with it. Carl said "It's better to conquer first, then explain why later." I propose a "Rebol Semantic Standard"... a universal Rebol "ontology" if you will, that at least Rebols can agree on. What do you think? Terry Brownell Orion Alliance Inc. Some additional thoughts... The basic premise of the Semantic web is sound... subject, verb and object. I tend to use subject and predicate for simplicity and scope. Lets look at Carls example... mix until well distributed Now I don't know about you, but the word that comes to mind is "blend". Blend is a predicate... It means "to mix together" it could be written thus... blend: ["to mix" "blend" "stir together" etc etc.] If "blend" becomes too general, then additional, more industry specific predicates could be added. To Blend is a universal predicate and spans across any language in the universe. To "mix until well distributed" means the same thing no matter how you say it. We could call it "Snortlock" as long as we all agree to the meaning. Snortlock milk and chocolate. .... Carl wrote... Hi Scott: Thanks for posting the reference. The "semantic web" is why I created REBOL. In 1996 that was the vision, and it still is today. I agree with you... REBOL actually offers a better solution to this problem than XML. In REBOL the generation and the interpretation can be written within one portable language. So the sending side and the receiving side, as well as the message itself are all REBOL. The semantic problem is deeper than the XML guys realized. Tagging solves only half the battle. The association back to meaning is difficult, and the more you can give that association functional power, the better off you are. For instance, I can easily deal with the type and unit semantics: [ milk 2 cups chocolate 2 tsp. ] but when I do: [ mix until well distributed drink and enjoy ] it's more "function" than "data". REBOL handles this well. Don't get me wrong. I am not blasting XML. It is a heavyweight solution to the problem for folks who have the time and money to deal with it. But, for those of us on a tight budget and timeline, REBOL provides a more economical approach. Unfortunately, you don't want to enter this argument. It's better to conquer first, then explain why later. Thanks again, -Carl