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[REBOL] Re: Smart Client

From: andrew:martin:colenso:school at: 1-Oct-2003 9:34

Volker wrote:
> Ah flaming! (whirling torchlight).
Hissss! (Ouch!) :)
> An Andrew Martin on this list needed as much lines with "using" as i
would for the whole viewer! ;) I'm no expert, but with my little program in a hour or two, I achieved far more Windows user interface compatibility than I and others have achieved in Rebol in several years... :-/
> > Providing dramatically improved support for localization, printing,
layout, and usability.
> localisation. hum. i could plug my %translate.r in, but nobody noted
it, so i plug it out. Hey! I only speak one language. (I'm just a mono-culturist at the moment.) But at least with my home version of Windows, I can now write Maori (one of NZ's two official languages). :) (Not yet with Colenso's systems as the Windows software to do so hasn't been installed.) But I can't yet type into Rebol and get it show Maori macrons. :-/
> printing, it works with a browser.
Yes, I've tried it and it works well (my Wiki and other scripts do/allow this). Unfortunately there's some graphics I can't print using a browser interface. For example a horizontal bar looking a lot like a thermometer on it's side, with a variable position of the "level". Also, I can't change paper size or specify headers and footers on each page. This has to be manually done through the browser's print settings. And then when it's changed, it has to be changed back again afterwards.
> btw a spreadsheet uses VB as its storage-format, so it can be
generated as text and imported in excel as macro. something similar to file ms-word with letters? Hmmm, I haven't heard of that. I do know that MS Excel 2002 allows using XML as input. This is very neat as one can use this to create multiple sheet work books, which is very nice for generating reports in as an output from a Rebol script (I've got several Rebol scripts which do this now.)
> AFAIK one can ask "which smart client applications" quite successfully
currently? And click on "Case Studies for Developers". The one that I find most interesting is the GeoVector one, where people can use a GPS equipped, pocket PC and find out information about real world places and objects just by pointing the pocket PC! I also didn't realise there was so many developers in NZ! And there's mine. :) But it's not written yet. :( But it'll use Rebol! :) And C#! :-/ But it'll have a native windows user interface! :) Let's shoot Rebol's horse and turn it into glue. :) :) :D Smart glue. Andrew J Martin Attendance Officer & Grail Jedi. Colenso High School Arnold Street, Napier. Tel: 64-6-8310180 ext 826 Fax: 64-6-8336759 DISCLAIMER: Colenso High School and its Board of Trustees is not responsible (or legally liable) for materials distributed to or acquired from user e-mail accounts. You can report any misuse of an e-mail account to our ICT Manager and the complaint will be investigated. (Misuse can come in many forms, but can be viewed as any material sent/received that indicate or suggest pornography, unethical or illegal solicitation, racism, sexism, inappropriate language and/or other issues described in our Acceptable Use Policy.) All outgoing messages are certified virus-free by McAfee GroupShield Exchange Phone: +64 6 843 5095 or Fax: +64 6 833 6759 or E-mail: [postmaster--colenso--school--nz]