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[REBOL] Re: REBOL momentum builds

From: petr:krenzelok:trz:cz at: 16-May-2002 7:34

Carl Sassenrath wrote:
>Dear REBOL List: > >I just wanted to drop by the list and say hi. I wish I had >more time to participate in the discussions here. So many >good ideas and questions! I would like to comment on every >message... >
That's great :-)
>===Webby > >As you know, REBOL was recently nominated for a Webby. >This is a huge honor for us, being picked as one of the top >five technical achievements along with Google, Sony, and two >others. > >Although the Webby itself is decided by a closed group of >people, the People's Voice award is picked by the public. >This is our opportunity to make REBOL stand out. I realize >that it's not that easy to vote, but please do! Google now >has the lead, but REBOL is second. Let's make REBOL first. > > > >Be sure to tell your friends and coworkers to vote too. >Also, send the REBOL Webby press release to your local >newspapers. Now that is REBOL networking. >
already voted and also pushed my brain to come up with some comments, after your marketing guru Scot talked me to write something :-)
>===Bio Update > >For those of you in the CZ Republic, I've added a more >detailed history/bio on myself and put a few photos along >with it (including nice Amiga team photo). You can find >it at: > > >
Ah, that is simply cool. Why Czech Republic specific? :-) I hope others can read it too, as the page is simply cool and reminds me there is not only product, but also some community around it. What about Guru meditation executive update on the website? :-) Maybe it could be called GurMan - what do we cook today? :-) I also saw your employment oportunities? What about programmers employment oportunities? You will need more programmers to get all that nice enhancement requests to 3.0, don't you think? :-)
>===New REBOL Licensing > >I think it's time to change the licensing for REBOL/Core >and REBOL/View. What do you think? Here's what I'm thinking: > >Core and View would be free for use and redistribution for >commercial and noncommercial use; however, if more than five >copies are in use at a single company, then purchasing would >be required. Exception would be the use of REBOL for any >educational purposes. > >This mean you can use REBOL for creating and selling your >programs, for in-house servers, for small company clients, >and for use in consulting solutions. > >What we're really trying to do is avoid XYZ Company using it >for free with their 100,000 employees. They can afford to pay >for it, and we need them to do so. (Unlike Linus, etc., we don't >have any other jobs but REBOL!) >
Ah, sounds too good to be true! I have few other questions/suggestions here: - is it possible to let computer magazine publish Rebol/View on their CD for ppl to try? Do they need any kind of special licence/agreement or are they free to do so? - what kind of Desktop will next View feature? IIRC it was said Link & View are bocoming one - but Link uses synchronisation to IOS server along with IOS Desktop. What will View users use? Current View desktop, so there will be two desktops? Or? - if this is the right time for Rebol to take off, I would go even further - put library and shell components into Core! Let them fly! Security, databases, etc. are still good for /Command. Simplify your product line - discard /Pro, so there would be only Core with library and shell and /Command profi line. Look - I think that equation is not only: X pieces of Rebol sold * Y money it costs = how to measure success ... I am not sure you take in mind also psychologic factors. E.g. once you establish Rebol in some community, such community will become dependant upon it, will start to use it, suggest it to others, promote it - it is spiral effect, it starts slowly, maybe does not bring some direct sales intitially, but I think if done well, it can turn into advantage ... :-) And you can bet Carl, that if some kind of voting would be here, it would end-up in some 10:0 pekr vs RT :-) Am I right folks? (don't dare to tell anything against my opinion here, or I will shoot you! - Cyphre, what about some shoot'em up game? :-) Note: library and shell could be secured the same way, as you do when you touch outside of default sand-box - dialog box asking for permission (Rebol's native 'delete command can cause enough damage, maybe even more, than most of library functions :-)....
>===Just Remember on IOS... > >I just wanted to point out that, just as VID is just a subsystem >running on View (and you can write your own VID or similar GUI >system), the IOS Desktop is just an application that runs on IOS. >IOS is capable of a lot more than just that provided by the Desktop. >In fact it is possible to create custom desktop apps that change >it completely. The desktop is written 100% in REBOL and is about >40K of code. > >We've been thinking of alternate types of desktops that are more >organizational workflow specific. We've got some killer-app ideas >too! > >That's it for now! Got to run. Remember to Vote for REBOL! >
Well, I really enjoyed your email - made my day, that's for sure! -pekr-