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[REBOL] Re: vconsole error report: console interface features nitpicking

From: cyphre:seznam:cz at: 15-Oct-2001 17:52

Hi Jason and all on the list,
> > Also,noticed that sometimes lose the first character typed > > in the console. > > vconsole by default correctly positions the cursor one space away from the > >> prompt, but when one clicks somewhere else [for example to copy a line
> code above] and then clicks back it loses that space. Minor but
> One feature I like very much in REBOL's own shell is that when one does a > 'paste' it knows to put the paste buffer directly into the current [last] > prompt. > > At the moment vconsole behaves more like a passive text file. Paste > functions wherever the cursor actually is - ie has no shell console > meaning.. Presumably this will be fixed as part of the next major vconsole > essential feature: multi-line pasting ? > > Scrolling is also essential along with resize too please! >
Thanks for your comments. I absolutely agree with you. Vconsole v 0.0.4 is a result of my 3 hours Rebol session so there is a lot of things to do. Unfortunately here is little explanation ;-): -------------------------------try this code(watch out line breaks)----------------------------------------------- cyphre: make object! [ age: now/date - 15-Oct-1974 free-time: 00:00:00 death: (random 29500) + age day-length: 24:00:00 time-at-work: does [10:00:00 + (random 5:00:00) - 3:00:00] time-for-sleep: does [6:00:00 + (random 3:00:00) - 2:00:00] girlfriend: does [random 4:00:00] parents: does [random 00:10:00] eating-hygiene: does [random 1:00:00] culture-art-sport: does [random 3:00:00] misc: does [random 3:00:00] go-live: does [ print "calculating Cyphre's life ;-)" while [cyphre/age < cyphre/death][ foreach day system/locale/days [ free-time: free-time + (day-length - time-at-work - time-for-sleep - girlfriend - parents - eating-hygiene - culture-art-sport - misc) cyphre/age: cyphre/age + 1 ] ] print rejoin ["Cyphre's free-time in rest of his life: " free-time " hours..."] print rejoin ["Cyphre's average free-time(for Reboling) in his average day: " copy/part form (first free-time) / cyphre/death 4 " hours..."] print "Poor Cyphre :( If he could be full-time Rebol developer...;-)" print "PS: all values and results of this code may differ from 'true reality' :))" ] ] cyphre/go-live ---------------------------------------end of code---------------------------------------------------- Anyway, all bugs/features you mention above(and many more) will be fixed in the next release. regards, Cyphre