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[REBOL] include, require, yamm, ...

From: weirddream::volny::cz at: 12-Aug-2000 17:48

Warning: This is a message in MIME format. Your mail reader does not support MIME. Some parts of this message will be readable as plain text. To see the rest, you will need to upgrade your mail reader. Following are some URLs where you can find MIME-capable mail programs for common platforms: Amiga............: YAM Unix.............: Metamail Windows/Macintosh: Eudora General info about MIME can be found at: --BOUNDARY.516289616.3 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1 Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Zdravim, Maybe you need something like C/C++ 'include in REBOL. Maybe you've used 'include, 'yamm, 'require, 'evoke... But nothing is perfect. I think that 'require is most advanced example but it misses one VERY CRITICAL FEATURE - paths to look in for script. So I've implemented it to 'require instead of writing my own function. It is compatible with the old one except if you 'require script without path it looks for it in known paths. You can add to them but you cannot save them - you have to edit the file manually. But I've wrote it in one and half hour so you can call it QUICK-HACK. I hope you'll find some bugs otherwise I'm perfect and there's no room to improve myself :-) Louci se -- --------------------------------------------------------------- Boleslav Brezovsky, NOT know as Kryptoplex, maybe on [weirddream--volny--cz] member of R.U.R (means RobotenUndRebol this week) MUSIC&SOUND --------------------------------------------------------------- --BOUNDARY.516289616.3 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1; name="require.r" Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="require.r" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable REBOL [ Title: "Script Requirements Manager" Date: 12-Aug-2000 File: %require.r ; Used internally, see source for details. Author: ["Brian Hawley" "REBolek"] Email: [[brian--hawley--bigfoot--com][weirddream--volny--cz]] Version: 0.1.1 Purpose: "Manages script dependencies and current versions" Comment: trim/auto { Require manages script dependencies in a way similar to C/C++ #include but limiting inclusion to only a single time, or optionally when the script has been modified. The list of included scripts will be carried over if you do or require %require.r again. This script demonstrates a technique for implementing static local variables, initialized using compose, and some other fun tricks. See for updates. --- Found it useful bud missed paths to read from. So I've added them. } History: [ 0.1.1 "REBolek" {My first try to implement paths. They're static-> you cannot save them (real 'path can do it!) but you can add to them. At least.} ] Future: {It doesn't check for version for scripts searched in paths. It reads first found script so I'll have to meake some fix or what.} Category: [script advanced] ] unprotect 'require require: func [ "Runs a script or scripts if not included yet, or perhaps if new." [catch] scripts [file! url! block!] "The script(s) required." /yet? "Check when a script has been included (none if never)." /new "Update if script has changed." /list-scripts "Return a copy of the list of included scripts." /add-path "Adds new path to searched paths" new-path "New path to add" /local paths script-list stime iref itime e ] compose [ comment "List of paths to search in" paths: [ system/options/home path/daemon ;yes, you need 'path initialized for this. ] comment "The list of included scripts, modified in place." script-list: ( ; Carry over existing list of included scripts, if any if not all [ ; Check for an existing list block? require: try [require/list-scripts []] ; Test the integrity of the list even? length? require: head require foreach [f d] require [ either all [ any [file? :f url? :f] date? :d ] [true] [break/value false] ] ] [require: []] ; Add the current script to the list use [f d] [ f: clean-path system/script/header/file if date? d: try [modified? f] [ change any [find/last require f tail require] reduce [f d] ] ] ; Return the list reduce [require] ) ; Handle list query operations, if any if yet? [ return either block? scripts [none] [ pick any [ find/last script-list clean-path scripts tail script-list ] 2 ] ] ; Deal with the single case if not block? scripts [scripts: reduce [scripts]] ;I have to find the script in given paths foreach script scripts [ if all [ file? script none? find script #"/" ;pokud je zad=E1no pouze jm=E9no skriptu (ne cesta) ] [ foreach path paths [ ;je skript hled=E1n ve v=EEech cest=E1ch if exists? join path script [ ; a kdy=F9 existuje replace scripts script join path script ; je nahrazen za skute=E7nou lokaci break ; po prvn=EDm n=E1lezu je konec ] ; cht=EBlo by to naj=EDt nejnov=EBj=EE=ED verzi. ] ] ] ; Include file/url list foreach script scripts [ if all [ if any [file? :script url? :script] [script: clean-path script] date? stime: try [modified? script] any [ itime: none none? iref: find/last script-list script not date? itime: pick iref 2 all [new stime > itime] ] ] [ change any [iref tail script-list] reduce [copy script stime] if error? set/any 'e try [do script] [ while [iref: find script-list script] [remove/part iref 2] if date? itime [append script-list reduce [script itime]] throw e ] ] ] if list-scripts [return copy/deep script-list] either add-path [append paths new-path] [exit] ] protect 'require --BOUNDARY.516289616.3--