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[REBOL] MAPLETS: Rollovers, Matrices, Smart-Maps and Reblets [long newbie questi

From: jasonic::panix::com at: 6-Sep-2001 14:35

Greetings I posted clumsily before without reply. Not sure which forum is best for this kind of discussion. I been exploring REBOL for a few days only.. its wonderful :-) Q1: How do I do a simple mouse rollover [no clicking] to change the image displayed to another image provided by a list/dictionary function. Is there any sample code for handling UP OVER DOWN HIT type button parameters? Q2: On Windows, Mac and Linux, how can I use Rebol closely with Flash? Q3: Are there any examples where I can cut'n'paste images to/from an external application via Rebol/View. Examples: Using some other tool to browse and manipulate images and then paste one Q4: I want to extend the features of 'make-spec' to make it easier to include images. Users need to browse some images visually and then do a copy and paste which will insert the filename+path into the targeted make-spec text file. How to do this in Rebol/View ? CONTEXT I am trying to learn how to create generic rollover button effects. using sequences of my images instead of just Rebol type or background gradient effects. I have a lot of 160x120 jpegs which I want to develop in visual matrix interface for several applications. A version 1 website using some of these 'piconic' images is The site has had very good response so far from most people. They all like its simplicity. It's part a larger free cultural/non-commercial project being developed by a Korean filmmaker. Version 2 calls for more detailed client-side browsing. For example rollover images and display text or other images before click on link. I know how to do this in Flash5 and HTML/Javascript, but want to use distributed Reblets. How? I would like to end up with a very clean REBOL dialect extending the current button syntax for sequential image-based button effects. I have not yet found examples which point in this direction. Perhaps it should be handled as a protocol.. I am not sure. ..suggestions welcome NEXT Now also preparing, an open non-curricular site extending this matrix-visual approach. We want to arouse natural curiosity as directly as possible, provoking unexpected mental connections afforded by images, matrices and sequences of them. Scale, comparison, similarity, rhythm etc. The site should balance text and image equally. Rebol would seem to offer an excellent distributed platform. I had been planning to do all this using XML+Flash+Zope, but now I am seriously wondering... Even on Rebol-based system, we would like to use Flash components. So what are my options to use Flash with Rebol? Of course I can call a web page and launch Flash via the system web browser.. But I am wondering on Flash player platforms [Mac, Linux, Win32] is there any way to directly embed the SWF Flash inside a Rebol/View applet? For example, Rebol/Command seems to be able call DLLs. I love Rebol's simplicity and design philosophy, especially its dialect+protocol ideas. From my perspective, sophisticated vector animation is emerging as a multimedia internet protocol. Currently the candidates are spread across Flash, Shockwave, SMIL and SVG. SMART-MAPS GML [Geographic Markup Language] is a good example of an attempt to XML-ify a huge application domain with an eye towards SVG [Scaleable Vector Graphic] or similar. I approach maps and map 'objects' as devices. In the future I want Rebol to handle the message passing between geo-centric devices. Did I understand correctly - is REBOL the platform designed for this kind of emerging application? An example of the kind of Library I would love to see added to Rebol is Hipparchus: For tutorial and then see advanced details Some links to web mapping work are thanks for any opinions and advice - Jason Cunliffe NOMADICS, New York.