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[REBOL] Re: resizing JPG images

From: d4marcus:dtek:chalmers:se at: 25-Oct-2001 20:26

For saving jpegs, I suppose you need View/Pro to do it all from Rebol. You would save/bmp the image, then call cjpeg or some similar tool. On Mon, 22 Oct 2001, Jose Manuel Alvarez wrote:
> The application I have in mind is a photo album where you publish thumbnails > of all your jpg pictures
It's probably not what you want, but this simple photoalbum app generates thumbnails as you call it. It's unacceptable on a slow computer though. REBOL [ Title: "Thumbnail creator / photoalbum" Date: 24-Oct-2001 Author: "Marcus Petersson" File: %thumbnail.r ] to-thumbnail: func [ img [image! file!] tsize [pair! integer!] "Size or height" /local sx sy y ] [ y: integer? tsize tsize: to-pair tsize img: load img either image? img [ sx: img/size/x / to-decimal tsize/x sy: img/size/y / to-decimal tsize/y sx: img/size / either y [sy] [max sx sy] layout [img: image img sx] ] [ layout [img: image tsize black] ] to-image img ] photoalbum: func ["View pictures using thumbnails" images [block!] "Block of filenames" tsize [pair! integer!] "Thumbnail size" /local l thumbs im width ] [ width: 0 thumbs: copy [origin 1x1 space 2x2 backcolor white across] l: length? images repeat i l [ append thumbs compose/deep [ image (im: to-thumbnail images/:i tsize) (to-string last split-path pick images i) [ im: pick images (i) if error? try [rv im] [print ["Cannot display" im]]] ] width: width + im/size/x if width > (system/view/screen-face/size/x / 2) [ width: 0 append thumbs 'return] ] view/new layout thumbs do-events ] rv: func [f [file! word! image!] b [block! unset!] /local t] [ any [value? 'b b: copy []] insert b [origin 0x0 pad 1x1 image #"q" [unview] f] either image? f [t: ""] [t: f f: load f] view/new/title layout b reform [t mold to-paren f/size] ] help photoalbum photoalbum request-file 80 halt Marcus ------------------------------------ If you find that life spits on you calm down and pretend it's raining