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[REBOL] Re: How can I do what Launch does?

From: agem:crosswinds at: 15-Apr-2001 20:28

pdp [{launch enabled:} not equal? mold :launch mold func [] []] pdp [{top-level:} none? system/script/parent/parent] see the script below (save it under its name..) [rebol [ title: "can i launch? am i toplevel?" file: %launchlevel1.r ] uv: does compose [unview/all do (system/script/header/file)] file: system/script/header/file ; file: %123 text1: copy [] &: func [s] [repend text1 ['h3 s]] & mold now/time pdp: func [block] [ & mold block & mold do block ] pdp [{launch enabled:} not equal? mold :launch mold func [] []] pdp [{top-level:} none? system/script/parent/parent] trap: func [] [ request/ok reform [ "my filename schould be" mold file ".."] ] view/new layout append copy text1 [ across button "test launch" [ either not exists? file [trap] [launch file]] button "test-subscript" [if error? try [do file] [trap]] button "close" [unview] ] do-events ]
>In another thread, Carl S. writes: > >> Launch has a rule: you can only launch from the main REBOL process. >> This prevents launch loops. > >That touches precisely on something I was trying to figger out the
other day.
>I've got a set of scripts (a.r, b.r, c.r). a.r uses DO to call b.r and
>But it doesn't make sense for my intended user to in any way execute
b.r or
>c.r directly. > >So, if they do, I want to tell them not to, something like: > >if not (top-level) [throw "Please run a.r to start the application"]. > >But I haven't found the best way of writing top-level..... > >-- I could use value? on a global variable. But global variables are >generally a Bad Thing in my book, so I'd like to avoid them. > >-- I could scrabble round the System object for something that shows
I'm top
>level or not. But a quick look, didn't find me anything. > >-- I could avoid the problem by giving b.r and c.r a different suffix
>and c.rll?). But who knows what effect that'll have when the user >double-clicks them? > >So, whatever check Launch is making, I'd like to be able to make
>similar. > >Any ideas how? > >Thanks, >Colin. >-- >To unsubscribe from this list, please send an email to >[rebol-request--rebol--com] with "unsubscribe" in the >subject, without the quotes. >
volker volker