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[REBOL] Re: Commercializing Rebol

From: petr:krenzelok:trz:cz at: 15-May-2001 12:10

Robert M. Muench wrote:
> Hi, I'm currently developing a concept for a new business, which most likely > will be based on Rebol. Anyway, I have some points I'm not sure how these > are/can be handled (if at all): > > 1. Runtime Version > > - Is it possible to update the script included in a runtimed Rebol > application? I think one of Rebol's nice features is that it's possible to > distribute applications via the Reb. The client should be able to identify > to a /Express server and receive an encrypted Rebol script (update) in > response. IMO this feature is not needed to hide the script from users but > to build up trust between user and provider. Will you trust a Rebol script, > you don't know where it comes from?
I would also like more in-depth description of what is being possible with run time. One thought came to my mind once I read Richard's comment upon upcoming SWIS features - sound - for those having Pro licence key. But - features are already inside, what about following scenario: Those of us having run-time and Pro licence key bought, would be able to generate some kind of object code. Others (not having Pro licence key) would be still able to run the code, although not to view its source, nor to use features in interpreter level, which are locked.
> - Can the Rebol engine be updated automatically? >
dynamic components would be nice for that - is there new sound one? download it, while core remains the same ... however, you can upgrade rebol, no? Express does so - the problem is Windows locks file it is running, so you have to find workaround ...
> 2. Data storage > > I have been thinking about this for quite some time now. I'm not sure if it > will be possible to create 'big' business applications without using a > database. If a database is needed, than how do we sync this with the client? > Is the database needed on the client too? How do we install the DB, etc.?
no installation procedures (registry dependency) if possible, please ... We are still using old good Xbase4 format, supported by Visual Objects, Clipper, Delphi, Visual Basic, FoxPro - .dbf files, .cdx multitag indexes and .fpt memo files. It is powerfull enough for many purposes and there is many externall tools out there, which allow you to view and maintain data ...
> Replicating databases is something I don't like.
I agree ...
> Rebol/Express has a nice > syncing feature for all kind of files. Will this concept be able to handle > databases too? I don't think so (yet).
Not sure, but, as for me, I like async systems personally. If you have some data to store into db, or various dbs, you just send/store "message", being it xml based or in other format. DB or other machine waits in certain place (port or some dedicated spool directory) till something appears and does a job. Of course roll back mechanisms (transaction) would be cool too, but it is probably too high wish :-)
> How do we handle database schema > changes? > > Will it be possible just to use plain files for all kind of data?
In no way imo .... You can use filesystem to store data as Elan doe in his User's Guide, but I am not sure if it is not a little bit resource hungry ...
> Depends on > the data-size. Currently Rebol is reading in all the data from a file. What > about 500 MB of data?
Well, in one of messages sent to list Holger described one of port types (not currently available) which will allow some functionality allowing you to write db driver - it is plain nonsense to load 500MB data into memory :-) It is also long time ago I suggested to adapt parser to work upon openend ports. Carl replied in sense it would be cool to have, but RT has probably more important issues to solve. Parse working only upon cached data (data read into memory) is pretty much limitation once working with large data files. My mailbox is some 70 MB text file now :-) ... I think it would be really neat to have!
> Reading it sliced in pieces? How to search etc.
As I said above - we currently have parser - why to complicate things? Let it work upon opened port. Being it one way or other - most parse operations are just buffer skips, so what? At least some parse functionality could be supported that way imo ...
> IMO this is a basic problem if you want to use Rebol for business > applications. At the moment we have to handle the problem like in all other > languages. > > 3. Constraints > > We had this topic in an other thread already. But still IMO this would be a > very nice feature. Maybe it's already possible? [If so please let me know > :-)]. With such a concept included into Rebol (not only for GUI stuff), > development time could be radically cut for quite a lot of applications. >
I don't understand what "constraint programming" means. Do you have any link to any interesting articles? Would appreciate :-) Thanks, -pekr-