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[REBOL] Re: Apache Config for CGI with REBOL

From: gjones05:mail:orion at: 27-Feb-2001 11:48

Hi, Raimund, I run Apache 1.3.14 and PHP 4.0.4 on Win 98. The configuration for more recent Apache versions is likely similar, but I can make no guarantees. From: Raimund Dold
<snip> > I am trying to set up apache on my computer (SuSE 7.1) at home to play
> CGI and REBOL. But it still does not work. I did the following: > > - /etc/mime.types > > added the following line > > application/x-http-rebol r
This last step may not be necessary. But I am not "sure" for Linux/SuSE
> - /etc/httpd/httpd.conf > > added the following line > > Addtype application/x-http-rebol .r
This last step also may not be strictly necessary. What I did in httpd.conf was to: 1) Be sure DoucmentRoot has the path to your website docs. (Likely already does or you would be getting errors.) example: DocumentRoot "/path/to/website" 2) Be sure that "<Directory ..." points to same path as DocumentRoot example: <Directory "/path/to/website"> 3) Be sure that ScriptAlias points to the full path to the cgi-bin directory (especially if off the website path, which it ideally should be!) Pay close attention to the having all the slashes.: example: ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ "/home/Apache/cgi-bin/" 4) Be sure that the Directory path modifications for the cgi-bin are set to allow executable cgi scripts: example: <Directory "/path/to/website/cgi-bin"> AllowOverride None Options ExecCGI Order allow,deny Allow from all </Directory> 5) Save the httpd.conf file then start or restart Apache in order for the changes to take affect. 6) If you want to use rebol scripts outside of the cgi-bin directory like one would for PHP, then additional settings are needed (not covered here).
> Additionally I created the following simple web page > > ---------------------------------------------------------- > <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"> > <html> > <head> > <title>REBOL CGI Test</title> > </head> > > <body> > <h1>REBOL CGI Test</h1> > > <a href="cgi-bin/simple-cgi.r"> Mein erster REBOL-CGI Versuch </a> > > <hr> > <address><a href="mailto:[raimund--linux--local]">Raimund
> <!-- Created: Sat Feb 24 22:13:26 MET 2001 --> > <!-- hhmts start --> > Last modified: Sat Feb 24 22:46:14 MET 2001 > <!-- hhmts end --> > </body> > </html> > -------------------------------------------------------------
Depending on where the script is called from, you may want to change: <a href="cgi-bin/simple-cgi.r"> ... to <a href="/cgi-bin/simple-cgi.r"> ... so that the path is not ambiguous.
> The script simple-cgi.r looks like the following. > > -------------------------------- > #!/bin/rebol --cgi > REBOL [ ] > > print "Content-Type: text/plain^/" > > print "Hello" > --------------------------------
This should be correct as long as REBOL is in /bin :-) Also, if you need to write a file at some point, etc (like for counter files), you'll need to also change the security level. Example: #!/bin/rebol --cgi --secure or just: #!/bin/rebol -cs
> But the browser I tried do not process the page like I expected.
> just shows the script as plain text and konqueror calls rebol and
> the script as separate process (probably due to the fact that .r files
> mime types in KDE, too) > > Did I miss anything?
I think the only critical things to take note of are to be sure that Apache knows where your cgi-bin directory is, and that that directory can execute cgi scripts with the ExecCGI option. It is not enough to have the cgi-bin directory "in a sub path" of the website; in fact, for security reasons, it should ideally be set as an aliased directory (kind of like a symlink for Apache)
> Thanx > > Raimund
Hope this helps. --Scott Jones