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[REBOL] Re: I miss ..., bug in to-local-file ...

From: agem:crosswinds at: 8-Jun-2001 18:48

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ursprüngliche Nachricht <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Am 08.06.01, 17:17:56, schrieb "GS Jones" <[gjones05--mail--orion--org]> zum Thema [REBOL] Re: I miss ..., bug in to-local-file ...:
> From: "Volker Nitsch" > ... > > just a suggestion: instead of using a customized sort > > it may be usefull to use customized encoding. > > then you would translate the original strings to a »sort-form«, > > and sort with this. > > of course keep the original! > > > > which could be like > > parse string[any[ > > »a« (append sort-form to char! »a«) > > | »ch« (append sort-form to char! 1 + #«h«) > > ] > > ] > > with some (a lot?) clever organisation. > Hi, Volker, > (BTW, sorry about jumping in on Ladislav's challenge to you the other
day...) *grin* no it was funny :) i checked mail, ok, place for me, copied it from the pad, wanted to send and there was your message. with my text (very close) the »unfair« should be something like »comedy angry« (oh yes, english..) was a compliment in a way ;-)
> I am feeling like an idiot today (which is not necessarily *that*
unusual), but
> I am not sure that I understand what you are suggesting. It appears
as though
> you are setting up a kind of map, where Czech special character S<
0160 LATIN
> CAPITAL LETTER S WITH CARON maps to the spot following the "less
> character S 0053 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER S. If that is a correct
> then I believe I understand that part (and was already working on a
type of
> mapping).
yes, its correct. this confusing poor »snippet« above should suggest to do the mapping with parse. this mysterious [| »ch« ] should suggest to map »ch« to a single »char« too.
> But I don't understand how the sort-form is sorted.
sorry for the confusion. its not really needed my way, i think. i would map the strings before sorting, adding them to the data and doing the sort on these strings instead of the originals. this should be faster than sort/custom & mapping new every compare. but performance is not the matter i think. so sort/custom may be simpler. and somehow i feel you have thought at this already.. ;-)
> I feel as though > I am missing the point (I am looking at the sheet of music and not
hearing the
> song again). Do not feel as though you have to spend in a lot of time
trying to
> give "clue" to the "clueless", but if you have a very brief way to
> further, or a brief partial example, I would appreciate it. I believe
that I
> already have a solution worked out, but I'm still collecting a mapping
with any
> free moments that I have.
i think i have an idea for a »mapping tool« - have to play with it. hmm...