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[REBOL] Re: How to detect type of OS

From: joel:neely:fedex at: 3-Jul-2002 7:13

Hi, Oldes, RebOldes wrote:
> Hello rebol-list, > > does anybody has/know some script for detecting type of operating > system rebol is running in? >
I think the following information will help you. It was snarfed from the REBOL script embedded in which is fetched when you use UPGRADE from the console. platforms: [ [Group System-Name Hardware Status Version File] ["Amiga" "Amiga V2.0-3.1" "68020+" Released core011.lha] ["" "Amiga V2.0-3.1" "68000" Released core012.lha] ["Apple" "Macintosh" "PPC" Released core021.sit.hqx] ["" "Macintosh" "68K" Released core022.sit.hqx] ["" "Macintosh, FAT" "PPC, 68K" Released core023.sit.hqx] ["" "Macintosh, OSX" "PPC" Released core024.tar.gz] ["Be" "BeOS R4" "PPC" Released core051.tar.gz] ["" "BeOS R5" "iX86" Released core052.tar.gz] ["BSD" "BSDi" "iX86" Released core061.tar.gz] ["" "Free BSD" "iX86" Released core071.tar.gz] ["" "NetBSD" "iX86" Released core081.tar.gz] ["" "NetBSD" "PPC" Released core082.tar.gz] ["" "NetBSD" "68K" Released core083.tar.gz] ["" "NetBSD" "DEC Alpha" Released core084.tar.gz] ["" "NetBSD" "Sparc" Released core085.tar.gz] ["" "OpenBSD" "iX86" Released core091.tar.gz] ["" "OpenBSD" "PPC" Pending core092.tar.gz] ["" "OpenBSD" "68K" Released core093.tar.gz] ["" "OpenBSD" "DEC Alpha" Pending core094.tar.gz] ["" "OpenBSD" "Sparc" Released core095.tar.gz] ["HP" "MPE/iX" "HP 3000" Pending core260.tar.gz] ["" "HP-UX" "HP" Released core120.tar.gz] ["IBM" "AIX" "RS6000" Released core170.tar.gz] ["" "OS/2" "iX86" Pending core160.tar.gz] ["" "OS/400" "AS400" Pending core180.tar.gz] ["Linux" "Linux, Libc5" "iX86" Released core041.tar.gz] ["" "Linux, Libc6" "iX86" Released core042.tar.gz] ["" "Linux" "DEC Alpha" Released core043.tar.gz] ["" "Linux" "PPC" Released core044.tar.gz] ["" "Linux" "68K" Released core045.tar.gz] ["" "Linux" "Sparc" Released core046.tar.gz] ["" "Linux" "UltraSparc" Released core047.tar.gz] ["" "Linux Netwinder" "Strong ARM" Released core048.tar.gz] ["" "Linux Cobalt Qube" "MIPS" Released core049.tar.gz] ["Microsoft" "Windows 95/98/NT" "iX86" Released] ["" "Windows Alpha NT" "DEC Alpha" Released] ["" "Windows CE 2.0" "SH3" Released] ["" "Windows CE 2.0" "MIPS" Released] ["" "Windows CE 2.0" "PPC" Pending] ["" "Windows CE 2.0" "Strong ARM, HP820" Released] ["" "Windows CE 2.0" "SH4" Released] ["QNX" "RTOS" "iX86" Released core220.tar.gz] ["" "Neutrino" "iX86" Pending core231.tar.gz] ["" "Neutrino" "MIPS" Pending core232.tar.gz] ["" "RTP" "iX86" Released core280.tar.gz] ["SCO" "SCO Unix" "iX86" Released core190.tar.gz] ["" "SCO Open Server" "iX86" Released core240.tar.gz] ["SGI" "IRIX" "SGI" Released core110.tar.gz] ["Sun" "Solaris" "Sparc" Released core101.tar.gz] ["" "Solaris" "iX86" Released core102.tar.gz] ["Tao" "Elate/Intent" "VP" Released core271.tar.gz] ] view-pro-platforms: [ [Group System-Name Hardware Status Version File] ["Amiga" "Amiga V2.x/3.x" "68020+" Released view-pro011.lha ] ["Apple" "Macintosh" "PPC" Pending "view-pro021.tar.gz"] ["" "OSX" "PPC" Pending "view-pro024.tar.gz"] ["Be" "BeOS R5" "PPC" Released "view-pro051.tar.gz"] ["" "BeOS R5" "iX86" Released "view-pro052.tar.gz"] ["BSD" "BSDi" "iX86" Released "view-pro061.tar.gz"] ["" "Free BSD" "iX86" Released "view-pro071.tar.gz"] ["" "NetBSD" "iX86" Released "view-pro081.tar.gz"] ["" "NetBSD" "PPC" Released "view-pro082.tar.gz"] ["" "NetBSD" "68K" Released "view-pro083.tar.gz"] ["" "NetBSD" "DEC Alpha" Released "view-pro084.tar.gz"] ["" "NetBSD" "Sparc" Released "view-pro085.tar.gz"] ["" "OpenBSD" "iX86" Released "view-pro091.tar.gz"] ["" "OpenBSD" "68K" Released "view-pro093.tar.gz"] ["" "OpenBSD" "Sparc" Released "view-pro095.tar.gz"] ["HP" "HP-UX" "HP" Releases "view-pro120.tar.gz"] ["IBM" "AIX" "RS6000" Released "view-pro170.tar.gz"] ["Linux" "Linux, Libc5" "iX86" Released view-pro041.tar.gz ] ["" "Linux, Libc6" "iX86" Released "view-pro042.tar.gz"] ["" "Linux" "DEC Alpha" Released "view-pro043.tar.gz"] ["" "Linux" "PPC" Released "view-pro044.tar.gz"] ["" "Linux" "68K" Released "view-pro045.tar.gz"] ["" "Linux" "Sparc" Released "view-pro046.tar.gz"] ["" "Linux" "UltraSparc" Released "view-pro047.tar.gz"] ["" "Linux Netwinder" "Strong ARM" Released view-pro048.tar.gz ] ["Microsoft" "Windows 9x/NT/2000/ME" "iX86" Released ] ["SCO" "SCO Open Server" "iX86" Released view-pro240.tar.gz ] ["SGI" "IRIX" "SGI" Released "view-pro110.tar.gz"] ["Sun" "Solaris" "Sparc" Released "view-pro101.tar.gz"] ["" "Solaris" "iX86" Released "view-pro102.tar.gz"] ] -- ; Joel Neely joeldotneelyatfedexdotcom REBOL [] do [ do func [s] [ foreach [a b] s [prin b] ] sort/skip do function [s] [t] [ t: "" foreach [a b] s [repend t [b a]] t ] { | e s m!zauafBpcvekexEohthjJakwLrngohOqrlryRnsctdtiub} 2 ]