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[REBOL] A couple of things regarding ports + New View stuff Re:(9)

From: allen::rebolforces::com at: 18-Sep-2000 23:40

----- Original Message ----- From: <[multimalte--theinbox--org]> To: <[list--rebol--com]> Sent: Monday, September 18, 2000 11:04 PM Subject: [REBOL] A couple of things regarding ports Re:(8)
> >read source for 'read-net, (which is used by 'request-download &
> >to see an example of 'dispatch code. > > hum.. is it just me that thinks that there are loads of undocumented
> here? :) > > Cheers, malte
They are all in experimental pre-beta version, can't really expect them to be documented yet. Who knows how many changes will happen to them before the beta is released? However testing them now is the best way to find the bugs and help improve that code. The beauty of REBOL is that it isn't hard to find the new functions, with the power of 'probe, 'echo, 'what and 'source, nothing (except native implementation) is hidden from us. It's all there for those who want to explore, it's quite fun really. But certainly brief documentation of changes would help this testing process too. Here are a few more new functions in /view for the curious. EXISTS-VIA? - Check if a file is in the cache FORM-LOCAL-FILE - Return correct local public path for a URL., form-local-file == %/c/rebol/view/public/ So then other operations can easily be applied to cached files e.g modified? form-local-file == 17-Sep-2000/21:18:22+10:00 CENTER-FACE obj -- (Type: any) area -- (Type: any) - modifies the offset of a face passed to it, to centre that face. ; To center on the screen-face use none for the area arg view center-face layout [text "center test" button "Close" [unview/all]] none ; To center within a region, provide a face object for the area arg (to center over) ;or provide an object that has an offset pair! and size pair! ; this will centre the window between 0x0 and 300x300 view center-face layout [text "center test" button "Close" [unview/all]] make object! [offset: 0x0 size: 300x300] CONTEXT - Defines an underived object from a block. Example usage in vidtest.r ==Changes to existing functions== SHOW and HIDE - now accept either a face or a block of faces CHOOSE - has a new /window refinement, when used, it means the offset of the choose popup will be in relation to that parent window rather than to the screen-face Hope this helps. Cheers, Allen K