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[REBOL] Re: language shoot-out :-)

From: edanaii:cox at: 3-Nov-2002 21:42

Is this new, or did I not notice it when I looked at the web-site this morning? ====================================================================== Hi, the shootout is an unfinished project. I've decided to discontinue updates to it for now while I work on some other things. Thanks for everyone's help. ====================================================================== Which means that such a competition would not do REBOL much good. So maybe I could still make my idea a go. Let me pitch it, and see what everybody thinks. First, a little background. Presently, I'm learning Java and REBOL both. For entirely different reasons. Professional survival, where Java is concerned, professional curiosity for REBOL. Previously, I had written a Basic routine I call RandomCopy. It was a little utility that I used in the past to randomly pick my sig, or my answering machine message. Fairly simple, it picked a file from a directory and copied it to the target file/directory. Recently, I rewrote it in Java. It took me a while to figure out. But after much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, I got it to work. More recently, I wrote a REBOL version. I wrote it in about 1/4 the time it took me to write the Java version. While not as readable as the Java version, it was definitely more simple, elegant and in the final analysis, easier to understand. That's what started my thinking. While I have not quite decided about REBOL yet, I'm pleased with it enough to think it deserves a chance. Since this guy says he no longer supports the site (for the moment), here's my pitch. I wanted to work on a web-site that had to levels. The first level would be a "how to" site. It would give programmers, like myself, examples in how to accomplish things in a given programming language. These examples would be simple, utilitarian tasks that could be used, ultimately, in actual work. The second level would be a forum, in which members could compare, critique and vote on the best solutions. They could compare Java, REBOL and any other language and rate its overall performance, tallying up the winners. Competitions would start by specifying an algorithm (in simple easy to understand english, no nerd-speak). Programmers could then build solutions to meet the challenge and then would be graded on how close they could come to the actual algorithm, how easy the solution was to understand, which was smaller in size, which was quicker in performance. Now, like I said, I like REBOL, but I intended this site to be objective. All solutions submitted to be judged equally and fairly. The intention was to let any product prove itself on its own merits. So, any thoughts? Carl at REBOL wrote:
>This is quite an interesting comparison... we should coordinate on the submission for REBOL. Has anyone started working on it? > >-Carl > >At 11/3/02 05:38 PM -0800, you wrote: > >>An idea: May want to use REBOL/Base for some of those benchmarks in the time and memory usage. >> >>At 11/3/02 12:24 PM -0700, you wrote: >> >> >>>Awe, man! >>> >>>They stole my idea! :) >>> >>>I was actually playing with the idea of making such a site. Glad someone else did, now I can concentrate on my other one. :) >>> >>> >>> >>>
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