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[REBOL] Re: Pre-REP on NONE! and SERIES! polymorphism

From: lmecir:mbox:vol:cz at: 10-Jun-2002 23:20

Hi all, I do not hate polymorphism! That said, I must say, that all proposed solutions look like "an exception to an exception". 1) I do not think, that NONE is an ideal replacement for an empty block. 2) I do not think, that NONE is good at pretending to be a LOGIC! value. My POV is, that current behaviour is complicated enough and I would prefer to not complicate things any more. If I had to choose the simplest variation, I would vote for 3c below, but the simplest way would be to use empty block where appropriate instead of replacing it by NONE. ----- Original Message ----- From: "Joel Neely" Since we've been discussing enhancements recently, let me offer a common situation (at least in my experience) and ask the collected wisdom of the list for thoughtful opinions... There are several REBOL features for working with series values that are quite comfortable with an empty series: foreach item foo [print item] find foo bletch select foo bletch Evaluating each of the above with an empty series will nicely obey the "Principle of Least Surprise" and do nothing yield none yield none respectively. However, all of the above will choke if FOO is set to NONE instead. It still seems reasonable in that case for the expressions to do nothing yield none yield none IMHO. Given that (for example) PARSE-XML provides NONE instead of an empty block for the attribute portion of XML elements that have no attributes, and for the content portion of XML elements that have not content (and I could give other examples where compound data structures could have NONE rather than an empty block due either to simpler initialization or missing data), I often find myself wrapping FOREACH, FIND, and SELECT with tests to ensure that the argument is a series instead of a NONE value, even though I'd be perfectly happy with NONE to behave exactly the same as an empty series. So, what to do...? 1) Keep using wrapper code. 2) Define appropriate wrappers and use those wherever needed, e.g.: find?: func [s [series! none!] v [any-type!]] [ if found? s [ find s v ] ] 3) Propose a REBOL enhancement... 3a) ...of additional natives FIND? SELECT? and FOREACH? 3b) ...of refinements FIND/ANY SELECT/ANY and FOREACH/ANY (or /NULL or /EMPTY or whatever...) 3c) ...asking for FIND SELECT and FOREACH to be extended to accept NONE as a first argument. Of course, (1) is kludgy but simple on a case-by-case basis, (2) is straightforward but adds the overhead of function eval to every use (significant in inner loops, of course), and (3) is political (and might appear to contradict my POV on keeping the /Core as focused as possible ;-) Since the issues here involve BOTH convenience (addressed by all options but (1)) AND performance (addressed only by (3)), I'm interested in the views of the list. OBTW, the above function could certainly have been written find?: func [s [series! none!] v [any-type!]] [ all [found? s find s v] ] instead; are there any other interesting variations (just as a matter of coding style, clever hackage, etc.)? -jn- -- ; Joel Neely joeldotneelyatfedexdotcom REBOL [] do [ do func [s] [ foreach [a b] s [prin b] ] sort/skip do function [s] [t] [ t: "" foreach [a b] s [repend t [b a]] t ] { | e s m!zauafBpcvekexEohthjJakwLrngohOqrlryRnsctdtiub} 2 ]