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[REBOL] Killer App Formula

From: ryanc::iesco-dms::com at: 13-Aug-2001 15:00

Lets work this killer app thing down to a formula... Napster Peer music "sharing." Its "success" seems largely due to the direct purpose of the app, in that it was not for sharing other files. Consisted of Integrated music player, flaky peer file transfer, chat, and search. Many attribute its success to its peer architecture, but that's only a small part. Napster's real success was in its way it "convinced" its users to break the law. Suddenly everyone was a fearless music pirate, plundering the seas of the world wide web, ferociously ready to behead the plump recording industry. Napster remains a testament of how powerful the right mixture of ideology and personal gain can be. Real player Streaming video and music player. Flash Web page embedded animation and sound. Typically faster than real player. Popular for company index pages and online funnies. Instant Messaging Interesting niche between email and chat. Allows somewhat real time conversion over the net, much like passing notes. Interestingly most client have many rarely used features. Java Promised cross platform programming. Missed its mark, but still highly popular. Clever marketing along with tremendous free and paid advertising helped. Doom Great 3d graphics for its time, mixed neat weaponry, ugly monsters, and lots of shooting. Multiplayer. Ebay Auction site. Makes it easy for people to buy and sell things online at a fair price. Anti Virus Battles that other killer application, the computer virus. E-Mail Many people buy computers just for this application. Seems to have brought about a world resurgence in letter writing. Chat Real time typed communication, in "rooms" or private. Originally a hit for sys-admins, then lonely people over the internet, it now is often used in online games, customer service, and business meetings. Maybe the oldest killer app. Web Browser The killer app that changed it all. Brought GUI to the web, ruining it forever. Now any nimrod that could push a button could traverse the world on a computer. Reminiscent of the invention of the automobile. File Transfer Well, sharing files was once a really big deal. Graphical User Interface Another killer app that changed everything. Enabled anybody that could push a button to be able to use a computer instantly without having to read the manual first. Of course there are many more of these not listed. I can see allot of commonality from the just those I did list. They all were relatively new in their category when they became popular. Most made something easier and/or faster. Nearly all were free, at least to some extent. Most involve some sort of sharing of media. Nearly all have some communication aspect. Most had pretty direct intentions. We can categorize a bit... The web browser, Flash, Real Player, and to a certain degree Java are display technologies. Email, chat, and IM are personal communication technologies. File transfer, the web browser, and Napster are sharing technologies. Doom is a shootem up game. Ebay and Napster are trade centers. Anti Virus software is a utility. The GUI, Java, and the web browser are operating platforms. It seems with the display technologies, faster is important, but being first or the most popular is most important. With personal communication technologies a need for diversity might explain the niche of IM. The viewing of ebay and napster as trade centers is thought provoking. Hmmm... A rebol version of either of these would work nice. --Ryan