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[REBOL] Re: Natural numbers

From: joel:neely:fedex at: 4-Jul-2001 4:51

Hi, Alek, Alekk wrote:
> [...] > > the series of natural numbers > > > > 0 1 2 3 4 5 ....... infinity > > > > which is the first number? 0 or 1 ? > [...] > > But there are two shools - > > first - as You said > second - that natural numbers starts from 1... >
I'm sorry, but this is neither a matter of opinion nor of popular vote. The standard model in Mathematics is known as "Peano's Postulates" or "Peano's Axioms", after Giuseppe Peano (1858-1932), the brilliant Italian mathematician and logician. The full set of axioms states: - 0 is a natural number. - The (unique) successor of any natural number is a natural number. - No two numbers have the same successor. - 0 is not the successor of any number. - If P is a property over the natural numbers such that - P(0) is true, and - P(n+1) is true whenever P(n) is true then P is true for all natural numbers. The last of these, of course, is the principle of mathematical induction, which has direct application to programming. Suppose I have some expressions in the following schema ; point 0 while [loop-cond] [ ; point n loop-action ; point n+1 ] ; point z Now, suppose there is some property (of my computation) that holds at "point 0", and is preserved by LOOP-ACTION -- i.e., if it is true at "point n" then it will still be true at point n+1 . Then, by mathematical induction, I can conclude that at "point z" I will know that the property still holds true, and that LOOP-COND is false. The induction, of course, is over the number of times LOOP-ACTION has been evaluated, and that count is 0 prior to any evaluations of the loop. (Corresponding reasoning holds for schemata using other loop control functions as well.) Recognizing 0 as the origin of the natural numbers is both explicit in Peano's Axioms, and too fundamentally useful to give up. We learned long ago (from negative experience with FORTRAN, actually ;-) that requiring a minimum loop count of one instead of zero is often entirely too awkward. ...feeling too loopy to continue ... ;-) -jn- ------------------------------------------------------------ Programming languages: compact, powerful, simple ... Pick any two! joel'dot'neely'at'fedex'dot'com