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[REBOL] Re: IOS (was: Browser gripe)

From: greggirwin:mindspring at: 18-Mar-2002 9:00

Hi Jason, << ok: A. synchronize distributed data easily That something we all want the smallest possible headache to do? >> Remember, too, that with REBOL code is data. :) The web is good for distributing data but not so good, in my experience, of distributing application functionality. Another difference is that IOS is a secure system. As RT says, it isn't for surfing, it's for collaboration. << Please can you clarify what "firing up" IOS/Link client on a clean machine involves. >> It's pretty much like firing up View to install it. << What is the cost per link client? >> You pay for them when you license the server, and I think they're something like $100 (maybe with bulk pricing, not sure). Contact RT, or check their site, for definitive information. << How easy to customize the look of the client? >> The "client" has a main reblet called the Desktop, to which you can apply a background skin and, if you become an Alliance member, I believe you can get the source to it (it's just a REBOL app after all) so you can really have at it. You get the source to most of the other reblets that ship with it, so you can customize those as well. << You mean you are tweaking your own /View scripts which are now distributed and synchonrized [published] via IOS ? >> Yes, or maybe more accurately, I can write certain apps that run under either IOS or View equally well. I can imagine letting people try out versions under View to get a feel for them without having to commit to IOS. It would save setting up an eval server and such. The downside is that some things you just can't get the "collaborative" feel of without IOS. << Is 'publish' on a demand-basis? >> IOS highlights things you have changed locally, or that are out of sync. You publish them yourself, either manually, or you could publish things programatically. Once published, the server will sync things up automatically when you connect to it. << If clients are on-line 24/7 like DSL how quickly are updates propagated?
I believe polling is used, though I'm not sure which side does the polling. I think maybe the server. There's a small delay, but just seconds it seems. << Is this architecture like DNS? >> I'm not sure exactly what you mean but you could probably hook up mulitple servers to talk to each other and share information (e.g. stratum servers). Your Link client has to have a key that matches the server(s) you want to access, for security purposes. << Does IOS care what your Viewlets are? >> Nope. << Can non-Rebol/Link clients also access them [in non published mode] ? >> The server access is secure, but the published files get copied to your local disk, so anything can make use of them. You can publish things like Word and Excel files and just access them directly from the Desktop as well. << Where is this stuff explained? >> They have some docs on the eval server, if you get an eval to try (though I hear demand is very high at the moment). They may also have some docs on their site. --Gregg