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[REBOL] Re: Counter measures

From: gscottjones:mchsi at: 6-Sep-2002 4:25

From: Sunanda
<snip> > I need to take an arbitrary screen element and pop it to the top. I think > this revised code does that. The change is mainly replacing Gabriele's
> with 'move-to-end, and tweaking Carl's code to use this new function.
This is cool! While in theory I had previously recognized how this effect might be done, I had never realized how *easily* it could be done. And just a final bit of *gratuitous* refactoring: - moved feel up to stylize definition - defined die color at die instantiation (that's why I said it was gratuitous :-) Cool! --Scott Jones rebol [] unview/all ; This function just makes an image from a layout... make-die: func [color [tuple!] /local image][ layout [ image: box 30x30 effect [draw [ pen none fill-pen color none circle 14x14 15 ]] ] to-image image ] Board-elements: Stylize [ black-square: box 100.100.100 50x50 white-square: box white 50x50 ; 'die is now an image - note the 'key effect used ; to make the black in the image transparent. ; and ; The 'feel here are just a copy of the drag & drop ; example from the 'feel how-to example on the REBOL ; site. die: box 30x30 effect [key 0.0.0 oval] feel [engage: func [face action event] [ if action = 'down [move-to-end board/pane face start: event/offset] if find [over away] action [ face/offset: face/offset + event/offset - start show face ] ]] ] move-to-end: func [series item /local item-index item-value][ item-index: find series item item-value: first item-index remove item-index append series item-value show last series show item-value ] view board: layout [ styles board-elements space 0x0 across black-square white-square black-square return white-square black-square white-square return black-square white-square black-square return ; User-defined color. (; button "change" [ d1/color: random 255.255.255 move-to-end board/pane d1 ] d1: die red d2: die blue return d3: die green d4: die yellow ]