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[REBOL] =?iso-8859-2?Q?Re=3A=20=5BREBOL=5D=20Re=3A=20ANN=3A=20rebol=2Dframework=

From: rebolek::seznam::cz at: 17-Jan-2003 16:54

Dne 17.=A0leden=A02003, <[rebol-list--rebol--com]> napsal:
> Boleslav Brezovsky wrote: > > >Hi pekr, > > > >so you don't unzip, you use WinCMD (yes Total for legal reasons I > >know...) > > > yes ... > > >for extracting and then you go to console and you DO NOT double > >click on unpacked scripts right in WinCMD? :) > > > What do you smile at? Each of use uses own patterns we follow while > working with computer. I have plenty of windows opened. In quick-launch > panel I have two rebol icons - IOS and View, so I went to View console - > I then use tab key as a name completion feature. I often use console as > kind of a rebol shell ... >
Oh sorry, don't take it bad, I just meant that in WinCMD after unpacking files it takes me just <TAB> click, some arrows and <ENTER> to run script. But as you write later in your mail, you do use different REBOLs unlike me, so it's better for you. Because I'm the one who uses most of my scripts, I do not care about different REBOL versions. I use just VIEW 1.2.8 for Windows. I'm not on IOS, I don't use LINK, I haven't bought COMMAND and VIEW has the same functionality as CORE so I do not need CORE. And the second reason I run scripts from wincmd is that after running some scripts, the current REBOL session can be full of global variables and so on and this can change script's behavior so I prefer to start with REBOL 'tabula rasa'. But I totally agree with the component model, it would make lot of things easier for everybody.
> > Well, people are different > >;) > > > Maybe I would not be different, if I would not was forced to use > different rebol kernels. Which one am I supposed to associate my .r > files to? Is that old view? View beta? Link? Command/View? Heh? So, I > will wait once there is rebol/base only executable for all rebol > language products + set of components and their versioning - then I will > associate my .r file to one and only rebol.exe file ... maybe :-) I > think it will not happen though .... and some ppl here will suddenly > try to reming me of so called "dll hell" principle, while they are not > afraid incompatibilities across various rebol kernels available ... ;-) > > >But I tried it both from console and from WindowsCommander and I'm not > >able to run it. > >Different errors from console and from windows, strange. > > > >when I double click %rebol-framework.r I've got > > > >** Script Error: object-factory has no value > >** Where: do-boot > >** Near: database!: object-factory [ > > file-format-version: make tuple! 0.0.1 > > data: graph!/new [] > > bot: graph!/new [] > >] > > > >and when I run RFM from console I've got > > > >** Script Error: split-path expected target argument of type: file url > >** Near: second split-path system/options/script > > > > > yes, this one happens because Robert applies 'split-path to > system/script/options ... the field is always 'none, unless you > double-click the script and let your association launch rebol for you > ... at least it works here that way ... > > >when I run rfm-gui.r from WinCMD I've got this error > > > >Saving databse none > >Loading new file data/example.rfm_graph > >** Access Error: Cannot open /c/view/rfm/gfx/arrow-up-c.png > >** Where: forever > >** Near: load %gfx/arrow-up-c.png load %gfx/arrow-dn-c.png load > > > >and yes, there's no directory %gfx in rfm folder. > > > > > there is styles/gfx subdir ... hmm, I wonder what is going on as it > works here ... > > >Something must be wrong with RFM. It's the first version I've tried, > >maybe succesful people tried some version before and now they've got > >some needed files on their disks which are not present in 0.0.6 ? I > >don't know. > > > >PS: Oh, directory %styles/ is full of Cyphre's styles I was forbidden to > >redistribute as part of Bunkas. As I said, people are different. And > >some are allowed to do something what the others are not allowed to do. > >Good to know. Or maybe Bunkas just weren't so 'proffesional' and > >'representative' for Cyph's styles? > > > ask Cyphre ... I think that you should talk one to each other, rather > then talk via PS: field of email messages :-) Have you asked Cyphre if > you can use his stuff for your work or you just used it "silently" > without letting him know or giving him a credit in your Bunkas work? Is > Cyphre's stuff publicly released? If not, you should ask him ... I can > see no reason why he would not allow you to use his work ... :-) >
Well I'll leave it here behind everything because I don't want to discuss this thread but I have to say something :) I've asked Cyph about using his styles. He said that I can use them but I cannot publish anything what is using his styles. The reason was that he's doing that styles for some commercial application and he's going to release them as shareware (that's what he told me). So I made something but I never published it, available version of Bunkas does not use any of his styles. I'm just wondering if he already get paid for the styles when he's releasing them now. ;) So to make it clear. As far as I know I didn't use someone other's code uncredited (but this is hard to say, you know, today we've got software patents on JavaScript pop-ups, maybe someone has patented print newline or so ;). I like the open-source idea, I think it's great for faster improvement of both code and programmers unlike closed-source, but it's hard to track author of every single line (and even every single character or byte) in program touched but many different programmers. But if someone told me "don't distribute this", I won't distribute it, even if I can think anything about it ;). Please don't reply to this. It's really off-topic. I'm more interested in the reason why I can't run REBOL Framework. bye and nice weekend, bolek ______________________________________________________________________ Reklama: Mall [mo:l] - promen=E1da, =B9irok=E1 alej, n=E1kupn=ED st=F8edisko (velk=E9) Internet Mall - profesion=E1ln=ED n=E1kupn=ED galerie na Internetu (