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[REBOL] Re: Threading continued

From: gerardcote:sympatico:ca at: 29-Jan-2004 23:48

Hello Max and MArteen, What a great news, If I can share some thought with both of you about the fact that producing something of really great value - without knowing if the number of real users truly justifies the effort - I would say YES for the following reasons : 1. All the GREAT HIGH QUALITY tools that only a handful of HIGH LEVEL REBOL programmers were and are able to produce here merit a great RESPECT for the accomplishment and for PLUS VALUE they give to the rest of us current programmers (no less good but generally otherwise inclined) who want to learn from a practical POV about such things that would be left inaccessible for most of us if you were not there to show us the WHAT and HOW-TO carry out these wonderful things. 2. Second it is not evident to SELL those evolved tools to current not so low-level programmers if they don't have the necessary skills to potentialize your work or they don't have any need for them in the immediate or worse yet if they don't see what can be gained from them in their current day-to-day tasks. Will the ratio (Elapsed development time vs Learning curve time) be in favor or not for using these tools ? This is generally the question you have to help your customers (that is other REBOL programmers) answer to before they become converted to your tools. Nobody wants to waste time to learn something he is not confident if it will be useful to him. 3. I want to help you deploy the usage of your tools but I myself need more time to learn the ABC's of using them and then help others to get a smaller learning curve before they can use them too. For example I'm sure Rugby can help me to remotely execute some script located on my server and I will need this feature in some scripts since I don't want to leave my sources in the hands of my customers - and for now I have no sufficient money to invest into the many toolkits RT is selling - but I don't know what else I can do for now. Wiil your product fit my needs and will it be hard to use. I'll try to get some DOC about it into the Library very soon. I will study it a bit and I'll see but for sure I'd like to see some DEMOS of the many uses someone can realize with it. And for Max the same is true - although this time I read the DOC - with Slim and other products you put online (Liquid being one of them that I would like to use instead of directly using /View). But this requires time and some basic REBOL knowledge and sometimes advanced CS concepts too to cope with all this stuff. Don't despair there will always be some EARS and EYES that listen, look and even wait for the delivery of your products ... I'm one of those. 4. Last but not least : Do it for yourself first - If you get some personal satisfaction to deliver a real software engineering wonder. Why bother if others want it too. Let's do it and may be after some time somebody will even pay for your services. I don't dream here. I'm serious. Think for your own benefits first and then others should come after yourself. Don't lose sight of this however : it the product is not perfectly finished and is not accompanied by some decent-reasonable doc, it will never gain much of the momentum and popularity it really should deserve. So I'm a fierce supporter of your products and be proud of them - even if they are not for the moment very popular. Keep up the great work guys . And just for terminating, Marteen I am curious about the way I could expect myself to use your EVAL in collaboration with the actual /View platform as a new way to eliminate some concurrency limits in a teaching/learning/simulation perspective. Here is more detail. I actually work trying to hack Carl S.'s easy-vid script to let /View start the execution of another script using /Core or /View (using do, launch and CALL with /View 1.3). I got many problems the most important being REBOL blocks itself while the other script is running and the console is closed upon termination while I would like to keep it open for hands-on by the student following the lessons displayed simultaneously in the first REBOL instance. Do you think you would permit me to do this using your new tool ? I am almost sure the answer is YES but I would nevertheless get your final advice on this. ----- Original Message ----- From: "Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch" <[maximo--meteorstudios--com]> To: <[rebol-list--rebol--com]> Sent: Thursday, January 29, 2004 1:31 PM Subject: [REBOL] Re: Threading continued
> I think I know exactly how you feel. > > as an example, liquid, one of my brainchilds took a lot of time to mature (and its about to undergo a new round of refinemnet).
It exists, and was shared and is available to anyone who asks for it (its now in slim format, just not yet released)...
> liquid is really usefull, if you "get" it. Yet was it worth the "release" effort... > > I still don't know... I didn't get much feedback. I don't even know if anyone else is using it... probably not. > > so as for your tool. as much as I'd like to say to python users that I can thread executions of scripts (and do it better than
them, cause they can't remotely kill threads), at this point, I wonder how many tools really need that functionality.
> Who writes servers in rebol... not many of us... > > How many people even use threads in python... not that whole lot either. > > I've had to, they (threads) are usefull, but with rebol's smaller user base... even if 1% of us used(needs) it, you'd still have
a handfull of users, and many would use it just to see if it works... and if it goes 400% slower... not sure that's fit for server usage in all circumstances... maybe someone who wants to create a networked front-end for RebDB might want to introduce threading... but will it help go faster in the end, if all threads run on one cpu (even in a multi-cpu machine...).