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[REBOL] Re: make-doc-pro: Version 1.0.3 beta update

From: anton:lexicon at: 5-Jun-2002 3:30

Robert, This problem (forgetting to uncomment testing code) annoyed me so much I made a tool for pushing my library files into the public cache. You use it from the console like this: push-cache %afile.r It expects that you have a local mirror of your rebsite under view/local/ directory, but you can easily change it. Anyway, the script is at the bottom. (Watch out! I expect line wrap is pretty bad.) It has a complete usage example. My site is down. I'll probably set up a new one tomorrow. Anton.
> > I have tried to run but got > > an error ... > > > > ** Access Error: Cannot open /d/rebview/public/rm_library.r > > ** Where: do-boot > > ** Near: do %../rm_library.r > > Hi, ups sorry I'm still loading my internal library. For the > released version, I > normally comment this.
rebol [ Title: "Push Cache" File: %push-cache.r Date: 20-Mar-2002 Version: 1.0.6 Needs: [] Author: "Anton Rolls" Language: 'English Purpose: {To push files from local/ directory into the public cache} Usage: { site: http://your-site/rebol/ anton-lib: do load-thru anton-lib/include.r include [ anton-lib/dir-utils.r [version?] anton-lib/push-cache.r [push-cache] ] ; now ready to use push-cache in script or in console ; eg. push-cache %afile.r ;(don't need to specify path) } ToDo: { - somehow report success with /quiet for util/push-into-cache.r - if errors writing the file in copy-file (check for owner-write) show-file-modes - /force for copying older onto newer - incorporate into dir-utils? or maybe a new cache-utils? reb-utils? - make doc/push-cache-flow-diagram.r } History: [ 1.0.0 [6-Jan-2002 {First version} "Anton"] 1.0.1 [18-Feb-2002 {wrapped in context to comply with new include framework, filling it full of goodness, seems to function correctly } "Anton"] 1.0.2 [21-Feb-2002 {added copy-file helper function} "Anton"] 1.0.3 [27-Feb-2002 {fixed bug by moving copy-file into push-cache} Anton ] 1.0.4 [28-Feb-2002 {commented site, added usage, added cache-site, change-cache-site} "Anton"] 1.0.5 [1-Mar-2002 {fixed bug checking for empty? common-path, checking for existance of source file} "Anton"] 1.0.6 [20-Mar-2002 {reporting cache-file} "Anton"] ] Notes: { push-cache expects 'site to be set at the time this file is included (or you do it). Consequently, this value is stored in cache-site and won't change unless you use change-cache-site. } Public-Functions: [push-cache change-cache-site] ; for include ] ;site: ; <--- change to your site, push-cache expects this context [ ; protective wrap necessary for include framework cache-site: site change-cache-site: func [new-cache-site [url!]][cache-site: new-cache-site] push-cache: func [ "copy (push) a file from local directory into the public cache" file "file you would like to copy" /quiet "don't print anything" /local local-dir clean-file common-path cache-file info1 info2 hash version1 version2 copy-file report ][ report: func [arg] either quiet [[]][[ print arg ]] ;report ["cache-site:" cache-site] local-dir: join system/options/home %local/ copy-file: has [err][ make-dir/deep first split-path cache-file ; ensure directory exists either error? set/any 'err try [ write cache-file read/binary clean-file ][ report "problem writing the file" if not get-modes cache-file 'owner-write [ report join form cache-file " has false owner-write file-mode. (File is read-only.)" ] ][ report "wrote file successfully" ] ] if not exists? file [report "file not found" return] clean-file: clean-path file ; get absolute path to file either found? common-path: find/tail clean-file local-dir [ ; file has to be under local-dir either dir? clean-file [ report "it's a directory - no action taken" ][ cache-file: path-thru cache-site/:common-path report ["cache-file:" cache-file] ; copy file here either exists? cache-file [ report [common-path "already exists"] info1: info? clean-file info2: info? cache-file either all [ info1/size = info2/size (checksum read/binary clean-file) = (checksum read/binary cache-file) ][ ; contents same report "files the same - no action" ][ ; contents different hash: 2 * (to-integer none? script? clean-file) + (to-integer none? script? cache-file) switch hash [ 0 [ ; both are scripts if (version1: version? clean-file) > (version2: version? cache-file) [ report "newer version, copying" copy-file ] if version1 = version2 [ ; file contents different, but versions the same either info1/date > info2/date [ report "newer date, copying" copy-file ][ ; ignore report "cache file has same date or newer - no action" ] ] ; (if older version - no action) ] 3 [ ; neither are scripts either info1/date > info2/date [ report "newer date, copying" copy-file ][ ; ignore report "cache file has same date or newer - no action" ] ] 1 [ report "warning - one file is a script, the other not - no action." ] 2 [ report "warning - one file is a script, the other not - no action." ] ] ] ][ report "not in the cache, copying" copy-file ] ] ][ report ["file not under" local-dir] ] ] ] ; end of context -------- end -----------