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[REBOL] Passing refinements to sub functions. Re:

From: jelinem1:nationwide at: 8-Aug-2000 10:35

Well since I know you're thinking about asking for the solution I had come up with, I'll go all out and post it here. The actual solution to loop through the function items (refinements) is not much code, but is tedious and messy-looking. I feel like I'm going through alot of trouble to hide this and save a few characters in the "high-level" function, but the result is a little easier on the eye and made me learn about contexts and 'bind. ; Say you have a high-level function (main-func) with a list of refinements, and you want to pass all of these refinements to a lower-level function (sub-func). The bare parameter-passing code is: main-func: function [/va /vb /vc][this-code refine-values r][ this-code: make-code "main-func" "sub-func" bind this-code 'some-global bind this-code 'refine-values do this-code ] sub-func: function [param-list][va vb vc][ set [va vb vc] param-list print ["va:" va] print ["vb:" vb] print ["vc:" vc] ] ; Resulting in:
>> main-func/va/vc
va: true vb: none vc: true ; To support this you must define the following globally: some-global: none make-code: function [hi-func [string!] lo-func [string!]][code][ code: copy { refine-values: make block! [] foreach r first :hi-func [ if (refinement? r) and (r <> /local) [ append refine-values get bind to-word r 'refine-values ] ] lo-func refine-values } replace/all code "hi-func" hi-func replace/all code "lo-func" lo-func return(to-block code) ] - Michael Jelinek [bhandley--zip--com--au] on 08/08/2000 07:05:12 AM From: [bhandley--zip--com--au] on 08/08/2000 07:05 AM Please respond to [list--rebol--com] To: [list--rebol--com] cc: Subject: [REBOL] Passing refinements to sub functions. Hi list, Often I have a function built on another. Sometimes the lower function has refinement that I want to surface on the higher function. If there is one refinement I just use an either. If there are more this approach becomes a real pain. I've come up the solution of creating an object with the refinements as fields and passing that. But I still have a bit of code creating the object in the first place. An alternative is using a block with set words and values, but I haven't figured how to use this effectively (that is I suspect I need bind but I haven't got it working yet). Has anyone an elegant solution for passing multiple refinements down the line? Brett. --
>> my-rebol-stuff