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[REBOL] HELP needed about the dropdown list widget

From: etienne:alaurent:free at: 11-Apr-2001 19:24

I found a script in with a new widget : the dropdown widget. The code of this widget is : dropdowns: stylize [ dropdown: text black white 100 edge [color: 110.120.130 size: 2x2 effect: 'ibevel] font [shadow: none] middle with [ list-lay: none show-arrow?: true rows: 4 size: 100x24 line-list: action: none list-data: copy [] dd-feel: make face/feel [ over: redraw: detect: none engage: func [face action event][ switch action [ time [if not face/state [face/blinker: not face/blinker]] down [face/state: on] alt-down [face/state: on] up [if face/state [face/show-dropdown] face/state: off] alt-up [if face/state [do-face-alt face none] face/state: off] over [face/state: on] away [face/state: off] ] show face ] ] arrow-button: does [ layout [ origin 0x0 arrow down [self/show-dropdown] edge [color: 110.120.130 size: 2x2 effect: 'ibevel] 128.128.128 14x20 ] ] show-dropdown: func [/local tl picked][ if not list-lay [ list-lay: layout [ origin 0x0 at 0x0 tl: text-list data self/list-data bold to-pair reduce [size/x rows * 15 + 4] self/font/color self/color [ self/data: self/text: value show list-lay wait 0:0:0.03 ; long enough to see selection hide-popup show self ] do [if picked: find self/list-data self/text [append clear tl/picked first picked]] ] list-lay/offset: to-pair reduce [self/offset/x self/offset/y + self/size/y] ] show-popup/window list-lay self/parent-face do-my-events/away list-lay do-face self self/data ] reset: does [list-lay: none] resize: does [ reset ; so list-pane will redraw at correct size {Reset if a change has been made to the data} size/x: max 32 size/x size/y: max 24 size/y either show-arrow? [ pane: arrow-button pane/offset: 0x0 pane/offset/x: self/size/x - arrow-button/size/x - 4 arrow-button/size/y: self/size/y ][pane: none] show self ] pane: none words: [data [new/list-data: second args next args] rows [new/rows: second args next args]] init: append copy init [ arrow-button: arrow-button resize self/feel: self/dd-feel ] ] ] It appears that this widget doesn't operate in the new version of Rebol/view like it did with the previous version because the do-events function is not the same. In the previous version of Rebol/View, the do-events function was : do-events: func [ "Process all View events." /only "Restrict events to only a single window face" face /away "Same as only, but event outside cancels" wf /ports port-block [block!] "Port/action dispatch list" /local flag event no-btn ][ if away [only: true face: wf] wf: either all [only face/parent-face] [face/parent-face/pane] [system/view/screen-face/pane] if not flag: event-port [event-port: open [scheme: 'event]] ports: reduce [event-port] either port-block [ foreach [port job] port-block: reduce port-block [ if any [number? port time? port] [if none? timeblk [timeblk: :job]] append ports port ] ] [port-block: copy []] insert/only port-block either only [ if block? get in face 'pane [ no-btn: foreach item face/pane [if get in item 'action [break/return false] true] ] [ event: first event-port either any [ event/face = face within? event/offset win-offset? face face/size ] [ if any [all [event/type = 'up no-btn] event/type = 'close] [hide-popup break] do event ] [ if away [ if not find [move time] event/type [hide-popup] do event ] ] ] ] [[do first event-port]] insert/only port-block event-port while either only [[find wf face]] [[not empty? wf]] [ either awake: wait/all ports [ foreach item awake [ set/any 'result do select port-block item item if all [value? 'result 'break = :result] [break] ] if all [value? 'result 'break = :result] [break] ] [do :timeblk] ] if not flag [close event-port event-port: none] ] And now the do-events function source is : do-events: func [ "Process all View events." ][ wait [] ] Can anyone expain me how to do now ? Thank you