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[REBOL] Re: Stylize/deep

From: ammonjohnson:yah:oo at: 25-Dec-2001 21:11

I see where you are coming from, sld happens to be a slider, but it is not defined until init happens so... One thing you might like to try at the console is,
>>probe get-style 'text-list
That will return the actually text-list style, which may give you awonderful insight. Something that you will notice is that 'sld is defined in the 'init function so you will need to redefine it something like: my-styles: stylize [ txt-lst: text-list with [sld: edge [color: 0.0.0] init: [ if all [not flag-face? self as-is string? text] [trim/lines text] if none? text [text: copy ""] change font/colors font/color if :action [feel: svvf/hot saved-area: true] data: size if any [none? size size/x < 0 size/y < 0] [ state: max 1x1 pane-size * 9 / 10 - offset - para/margin if none? size [size: state] if size/x < 0 [size/x: state/x] if size/y < 0 [size/y: state/y] size: size-text self all [ para para/origin size: size + para/origin para/margin size: size + para/margin ] ] if all [data data/y < 0] [size/x: data/x] data: none sz: size sn: 0 slf: :self act: :action if none? data [data: texts] if none? data [data: copy []] lines: data picked: copy [] iter: make-face/size 'txt sz * 1x0 + -16x20 iter/para: make self/para [origin: 2x0] iter/font: make self/font [] lc: to-integer sz/y / iter/size/y: second size-text iter iter/feel: make iter/feel [ redraw: func [f a i] [ f/color: either find picked f/text [svvc/field-select] [slf/color] ] engage: func [f a e] [ if a = 'down [ if cnt > length? head lines [exit] if not e/control [f/state: cnt clear picked] alter picked f/text do :act slf f/text ] if a = 'up [f/state: none] show pane ] ] pane: layout/size [ origin 0 space 0 sub-area: box slf/color sz - 16x0 ibevel with [pane: :text-pane] at sz * 1x0 - 16x0 sld: slider edge [color: 0.0.255] sz * 0x1 + 16x0 [ value: to-integer value * ((1 + length? head lines) - lc) if sn <> value [sn: value] show sub-area ] ] size sld/redrag lc / max 1 length? head lines pane/offset: 0x0 ] ] ] view layout [ styles my-styles txt-lst ] Enjoy!! Ammon PS in the init function it declares the pane...