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[REBOL] String compose

From: d4marcus:dtek:chalmers:se at: 15-Mar-2001 22:54

As I was playing around with some webpage building scripts I'm currently doing, I came up with something that I though could be useful to others as well. Maybe something like this already exists - in any case feel free to come up with improvements. As I'm going to use this myself I would be grateful for any improvement. REBOL [ Title: "String compose" Date: 15-Mar-2001 Author: "Marcus Petersson" File: %stringcompose.r Version: 0.1 ] stringcompose!: make object! [ buffer: make block! 0 exec_start: "(" exec_end: ")" rule: [any [rule_exec | rule_text] copy string to end (append buffer string)] rule_text: [copy string to exec_start (append buffer string)] rule_exec: [exec_start copy string to exec_end exec_end (append buffer exec string)] exec: func [series [series!]] [ if error? try [return do series] [ join exec_start [series exec_end]]] set 'stringcompose func [ {Evaluates a string of expressions, only evaluating executable parens, and returns a block.} Text [String!]] [ clear buffer parse/all Text rule buffer] ] ; borrowed from Andrew Martin's HTML.r ReString: func [Block [block!]] [ join "" reduce Block] MailTo: func [eMail [email!] Link [string!] /Subject String [string!]] [ ReString [ join <a> [{ href=^"mailto:} eMail either Subject [ join "?subject=" String] [""] {^"}] Link </a>]] ; example Marcus: [adress [d4marcus--dtek--chalmers--se]] mail: func ['person string [any-type!]] [ mailto select get person 'adress either value? 'string [ string] [to-string person]] recipients: "Rebol users" text: { Dear (recipients), Now, this is nothing special at all, just a simple example (but a good one). If you don't get the idea maybe you should (mail Marcus "mail me") and I'll explain it to you.} print Restring stringcompose text Marcus ------------------------------------ If you find that life spits on you calm down and pretend it's raining