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[REBOL] Re: Windows Crash

From: mattsmac:ho:tmail at: 29-Sep-2003 13:59

Hey Cyphre, does any of this look crash worthy to you?? im pretty sure this is where the crash is happening, but it's not consistent, sometimes it will happen right away, other times it will take 3 or so hours. files is a text-list probe-messages: func [/local tempmsg emessages j k l m] [ insert remote2 encrypt "Send IDs" wait remote2 clear messages while [record: pick remote2 1][append messages decrypt record] clear files/data clear msg_ids msgs: [] clear msgs for i 1 (length? messages) 5 [ j: i + 1 k: i + 2 l: i + 3 m: i + 4 tempmsg: make msg_info [ msgid: messages/:i from: messages/:j fromid: messages/:k subject: messages/:l date: copy/part messages/:m (length? messages/:m) - 5 ] replace/all tempmsg/date "." ":" insert msg_ids tempmsg while [(length? tempmsg/date) < 25] [append tempmsg/date " "] while [(length? tempmsg/from) < 25] [append tempmsg/from " "] emessages: rejoin [tempmsg/date "" tempmsg/from "" tempmsg/subject] insert msgs emessages ] append files/data msgs ;update-text-list files files/update ] Thanks, Matt Hi Matt, Although Rebol interpret is very stable and good piece of code there are still some bugs which could crash it. here are two example which bothers me in View(in both try to press "hide box button"): FIRST CRASH EXAMPLE a: make face [ size: 50x50 color: red ] b: make face [ color: blue pane: [a] ] view layout [ bx: box with [ pane: [b] ] button "hide box" [ hide bx ] ] SECOND CRASH EXAMPLE a: make face [size: 50x50 color: red] view layout [ box with [ color: blue pane: reduce [a] ] button "hide box" [ hide a/parent-face ] ] Also drawing filled polygons bigger than visible area of window using DRAW dialect can cause problems like strange console message "not-enough memory" like: view layout [box 200x200 effect [draw [fill-pen red polygon 406x-672 227x43 1022x782 fill-pen blue polygon 406x-672 1022x782 -44x126]]] regards, Cyphre PS: there is probably more situations in other fields than graphics how to crash Rebol but I remember those because I spent lot of time when debugging them... ----- Original Message ----- From: "Matt MacDonald" <[mattsmac--hotmail--com]> To: <[rebol-list--rebol--com]> Sent: Monday, September 29, 2003 3:48 PM Subject: [REBOL] Re: Windows Crash
>I'm not saying it's a bug at all. It could just be something I'm doing.
>just wanted to know if any particular situations, loops, timers, engages, >etc. have a tendency to cause this problem > >Matt > > >From: "Matt MacDonald" <[mattsmac--hotmail--com]> > >Reply-To: [rebol-list--rebol--com] > >To: [rebol-list--rebol--com] > >Subject: [REBOL] Windows Crash > >Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 08:23:35 -0400 > > > > > >Does anybody know any common circumstances in REBOL that would cause a > >REBOL > >program to crash in windows. You know, that do/don't send info to > >microsoft > >crash? I'm not really even sure where to start looking to fix something > >like that. > > > >Matt > > > >_________________________________________________________________
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