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[REBOL] Re: Reading empty directories via FTP error

From: brett:codeconscious at: 13-Nov-2003 23:19

> > Thinking more on this, given the whole NLST handling (if empty? > > file-list [....]) is a second bite of the cherry at getting a > > directory list, and if you can assume that your FTP server will > > always respond to the LIST command in a way that REBOL can parse, > > you could probably cut the whole NLST handling from parse-dir-list > > and happily ignore most of this thread. :-) > > Quite possibly, since I've just tried it and it works for me. ;)
Ahah. So I was on the right track. Not to be beaten by this - I've hammered away at it and eventually built my own dodgy FTP server to replicate the problem and get a different perspective on things. I think I see light at the end of the tunnel!! - or it could be an oncoming heavy vehicle.... Playing with my dodgy server I've found that my last fix - was soooo close, but I screwed up by closing the listen-port - I should have left it open. Here then is some code that makes my dodgy server happy. While I was at it, I added a net-log call to show the hidden NLST communication. Please tell me that's the end of the tunnel :-) Regards, Brett. decompress #{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}