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CSS preview -- shows most major styles

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This is an alert

You normally only see an alert if:
a) you are not logged on, and attempt a URL that requires you to be so; or
b) there is a general status message active (normally only on the home page)

Menu styles

Help pages styles

class="toc" -- Table of Contents used in many of the Help pages
class="tl2" -- used for h2 headings in the toc

class="tl3" -- used for h3 headings in the toc

class="tl4" -- used for h4 headings in the toc

The Table of contents, by default, is floated to the right.
The heading entries in the TOC are usually also on-page links. That is not shown in the example here.
There is no tl1 for h1 headings in the Table of Contents, because there aren't any.
For an example of a Help page table of contents, see this page.

Table settings

class="lsh" -- Library style header. Mainly used for table headings
class="lskey1" -- key field in stripey-shade 1 class="lsdata1" -- data field in stripey-shade 1 class="lsdata1 ca" -- data field center-aligned class="lsdata1 ra" -- data field right-aligned
class="lskey2" -- key field in stripey-shade 2 class="lsdata2" -- data field in stripey-shade 2 class="lsdata2 ca" -- data field center-aligned class="lsdata2 ra" -- data field right-aligned
etc etc etc etc
etc etc etc etc

Links styles

This is a basic link -- a bit on the small size
link with class="fsl" -- full-sized link
link with class="fel" -- emphasised link
link with class="fsl fel" -- both of the above

This is a h1 heading

This is a h2 heading

This is a h3 heading

This is a h4 heading

(we don't use h5 or h6) This is a plain <p> paragraph...If you are looking at the standard Library CSS, you should see some left and right padding, plus some leading (line-heigth) to help space out the text a little.

Other styles

Class="new" -- we use this to draw attention to new things.
Class="warning" -- We use this to highlight problems (usually error messages) in forms
Class="notice" -- we use this to highlight actions taken, usually as a result of processing a form
<pre> -- standard pre tag, used for viewing scripts and displaying Mailing List messages</pre>

class="section-bar" -- Section heading -- eg " Mailing List Archive"

class="reb-over" -- "It's a messaging" language. Banner/overview message

These words are randomly colored. They'll be different colors each time you refresh the page.

  • This
  • is
  • a
  • list
    • This
    • is a
    • nested list

Styles for footnootes

  • The Footnote section appears only if we have some status information to display
  • It is contained in a <div class="footnote">
  • The "Notes" heading line is <div class="lsh ca">
  • Individual notes cycle between <div class="lsdata1"> and <div class="lsdata2">
  • to see a real footnote, click find-packages