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1. RSS news reader

RSS is a way for a website to publish "news" and for you to skim the news headlines without to visit the site.

Basically, the site creates a "news" file on a regular basis -- perhaps daily. You use an RSS news reader that downloads the "news" files from all the sites you are interested in -- again perhaps once a day. Your RSS news reader then presents you with the new bits of "news".

2. Subscribing to the Library RSS feed.

Simply point your RSS news reader to this link: RSS feed. 

3. What news do we publish?

3.1. Script library

Summary details of all scripts added or updated in the last 9 days -- Similar to our New and updated scripts web page. 

3.2. AltME archive

in alpha test mar-2010

Details of the last 100 or so messages posted to the AltME REBOL3 discussion forum.

3.3. Mailing List archive

Summary details of all new threads started in the last 9 days, and of all existing threads extended in the last 9 days -- A little like our recent messages web page. 

3.4. News and announcements

The RSS feed includes the "news" items that you see on the home page -- provided they were published in the last 9 days.

3.5. Library news

Any recent news about the library itself: new features, etc.

4. Tailoring the Library RSS feed

  • script library parameter: you can change the number of days we report by adding the sl=n parameter (n=0..9):
    • sl=0 (eg rss-get-feed.r?sl=0) -- do not report script library changes
    • sl=5 (eg rss-get-feed.r?sl=5) -- report only last five days changes
  • mailing list archive parameter: you can change the number of days we report by adding the ml=n parameter (n=0..9):
    • ml=0 (eg rss-get-feed.r?ml=0) -- do not report mailing list archive changes
    • ml=6 (eg rss-get-feed.r?ml=6) -- report only last six days changes
  • REBOL news parameter: you can change the number of days we report by adding the rn=n parameter (n=0..9):
    • rn=0 (eg rss-get-feed.r?rn=0) -- do not report REBOL news
    • rn=1 (eg rss-get-feed.r?rn=1) -- report only the last day's news
  • Library news parameter: you can change the number of days we report by adding the ln=n parameter (n=0..9):
    • ln=0 (eg rss-get-feed.r?ln=0) -- do not report Library news
    • ln=7 (eg rss-get-feed.r?ln=7) -- report the last weeks's news
  • REBOL3 AltME forum parameter: you can change the number of recent posts we report by adding the r3wp=n parameter (n=0..255):
    • r3wp=0 (eg rss-get-feed.r?rw3p=0) -- do not report REBOL3 AltME posts
    • r3wp=100 (eg rss-get-feed.r?r3wp=100) -- report the most recent 100 posts
You can of course, combine the keywords to precisely tailor the RSS feed you want:
  • rss-get-feed.r?ln=3&rn=9&r3wp=10
  • rss-get-feed.r?ln=0&rn=0&r3wp=0&sl=0&ml=9 ;; just the mailing list

5. RSS versions

There are multiple versions of the RSS format, not all of which are compatible with all RSS news readers.

The Library currently publishes in RSS 2.0 format. If that is a problem for you, let us know via feedback and we can add other formats.

6. Finer-grained notices

If you want more control over the sort of notifications you get about the Script library, then join the Library and check out the options on the Update profile and personal preferences page.

From there you can set up email notices that are more flexible than the RSS feed. For example, you could ask to be notified every two weeks of any changes to scripts of type CGI only.

7. LDS

The RSS feed is also available as a REBOL object via the rss-get-feed-data request of the Library data services  API.