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A Rebol plug-in

 [1/3] from: inetw3::mindspring::com at: 28-Oct-2002 9:50

Hello Rebolers, If you could be so nice to try this code for me, and tell me if it works for you. thank you. Sorry, this only work in IE (i think Nscape/Mozilla can play with the clipboard also, i lost the code.) put this in a web page. be sure to save all in a view folder ========================================= <SCRIPT> function Rquery() { window.clipboardData.setData('Text', event.srcElement.outerHTML); } function read() { r=document.all.RData.createTextRange(); r.execCommand("paste"); } setInterval("read()",1000); </SCRIPT> </HEAD> <BODY> <FORM action="clipboardDatascript.r"/"> NAME:<input onBlur="Rquery()" ID:"name" type="text"> </input><br> ADDR: <input onBlur="Rquery()" ID:"addr" type="text" ></input><br> AGE: &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<input onBlur="Rquery()" ID:"age" type="text"></input> <input type="submit" value="Go"></FORM> <br> <TEXTAREA NAME="RData" ID:"OUT" ROWS="5" COLS="35" READONLY="TRUE" style="border:none;toolbar:none;"></TEXTAREA> ========================================= put this in view folder as your %clipboardDatascript.r you can use switch instead of either/parse coding. this is just a demo. you can use this so people can do your code in and out of the browser from a web page or browser DOM updates. (dynamic message object is rquery-rdata-%clipboard_script.r and (un)shared clipboard through tcp://localhost:8001 code) ========================================= Rquery: func [data][write clipboard:// data] Rdata: does [read clipboard://] sNAME: 'hello saddr: {your address is: } sage_: {and your} s_age: {yeas old} listen: open tcp://:8001 {you don't need tcp stuff for this demo} remote: open tcp://localhost:8001 local: first listen either find Rdata "id:?addr?" [parse Rdata [thru "value=" copy addr to id:?addr? (send: probe reform [saddr addr] insert local Rquery send)]] [""] either find Rdata "id:?NAME?" [parse Rdata [thru "value=" copy name to ID:?NAME? (send: probe reform [sNAME NAME] insert local Rquery send)]] [""] either find Rdata "id:?AGE?" [parse Rdata [thru "value=" copy age to ID:?AGE? (send: probe reform [sage_ AGE s_age] insert local Rquery send)]] [""] close local close remote close listen forever [do %user.r[wait 3]] =========================================== put this in your %user.r file =========================================== THIS: does[read clipboard://] if find this "ID" [forever [do %clipboardDatascript.r[wait 3]]] (use either instead of if, this is just a demo) =========================================== this code is just a thought i had out loud. improve it and you'll get your rebol plug-in for IE and maybe NSwhen i find there clipboard code. Anyone who can make this thing better,faster, and as an object,let me know.

 [2/3] from: anton:lexicon at: 30-Oct-2002 1:09

I tried the scripts and they pass the three types of message from IE 5.00 to REBOL/View 3-Aug-2002 (beta). But I get the File Download popup each time I press "Go" on the web page: You have chosen to download a file from this location. clipboardDatascript.r from D:\Anton\Dev\Rebol\View What would you like to do with this file? * Open the file from its current location * Save the file to disk [/] Always ask before opening this type of file Even if I untick the "Always ask..." option, it pops up the above window. But the messages are passed from IE to rebol "hello anton", your address is ... etc. if I only click in an input text, then unfocus from it by clicking on the page background or another input text. After doing this I see the messages appear in the rebol console. Anton. --- iNetW3 wrote: ---

 [3/3] from: dmurrill:mindspring at: 29-Oct-2002 23:00

Hello Anton, Thanks for the feedback. The go button's really suppose to be a link to force the rebol console to open, move that aside. The download dialogue pops up for anything other than some activex, and java applet controls, but it should close out. If it doesn't, In the browser bar click Tools--Internet Options--Security-- Run Activex controls & plug-ins, set this to ENABLE. Make sure rebol rebol.exe beta is associated to open %rebol.r files in your windows folder options. If this doesn't work, let me know please. As you move from an input text to input text, the "Hello Anton" etc. should be seen in the webpage. This can be changed, you have to change your action method (onfocus,onmouseout,onclick,etc.) I'm using Rebol/View 1.1, but this shouldn't make a difference in the clipboard. This should work somewhat like MS ASP, you can replace anything in the page or email the info directly back to you. make sure if you run rebol from an editor or anything else you copied something else to the clipboard or you'll get an error or your clipboard code will execute.