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Send and email obj

 [1/2] from: chalz::earthlink::net at: 6-Mar-2003 15:43

Okay, I'm getting beyond frustrated here with this thing. system/user/email: [me--me--net] system/user/name: "Me" outmsg: make system/standard/email [ From: [me--me--net] To: [[me--me--net]] BCC: "[person1--me--net], [person2--you--net]" Reply-To: [me--me--net] Subject: "New Message" ] mesg: {This is a test message.} send/header outmsg/to mesg outmsg Yes, I have to use "email, email" for BCC, otherwise .. I don't know how rebol formats it, but my mail server tells me: ** User Error: Server error: tcp 550 Syntax error in 'BCC' header: malformed address: [person2--you--net]\n may not follow [person1--me--net] : failing address is: [person1--me--net][person2--you--net] ** Near: insert port reduce data So, with the above bit, the only person listed who receives it is [me--me--net]. This might be a matter of my mail server's spam filtering mechanism, but I don't know. And even then, it doesn't insert the system/user/name, just uses the From: field. I've tried setting From: to include the name and email address to the best of my understanding of RFC822, Standard for the Format of ARPA Internet Text Messages. Now, I try using CC instead of BCC, and still, the message only gets to the To: recipient. I set To: [[me--me--net][person1--me--net][person2--you--net]] and it gets fun. [Me--me--net] gets the message. person1 and person2 don't; in fact, they don't even show up in the To: field of the received email. I'm somewhat sure this isn't the mail server's doing, but not 100%, of course. Has *anyone* mastered send and the email object yet? I can't even get it to let me use multiple refinements, such as /header and /only. Please? --Charles

 [2/2] from: g:santilli:tiscalinet:it at: 7-Mar-2003 10:05

Hi Charles, On Thursday, March 6, 2003, 9:43:15 PM, you wrote: C> outmsg: make system/standard/email [ C> From: [me--me--net] C> To: [[me--me--net]] C> BCC: "[person1--me--net], [person2--you--net]" C> Reply-To: [me--me--net] C> Subject: "New Message" C> ] I'd suggest leaving From to NONE and setting To to a string; you don't need to set BCC usually as it would have to be stripped by the MT anyway (and I'm not sure all MTAs do it). C> send/header outmsg/to mesg outmsg Then you use: send/header [[me--me--net][person1--me--net][person2--you--net]] mesg outmsg which should hopefully work. :-) Regards, Gabriele. -- Gabriele Santilli <[g--santilli--tiscalinet--it]> -- REBOL Programmer Amigan -- AGI L'Aquila -- REB: