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request-file questions [again]

 [1/3] from: jason:cunliffe:verizon at: 15-Oct-2002 14:08

Hi I know this has come up before. But I keep asking in case there are now nicer alternatives or undocumented techniques and treasures... Q1: How to make the 'dirs' section of request file larger? It's such a pain in the **** to scroll around that area. [usabilitysucks c.1987 :-((] Q2: What's the best way to separate directory path and filename from request-file? I notice that if one wants to set the default to open politely in a certain drive and folder , it behaves strangely using the /file refinement :
>> rf: request-file/file %/e/
Displays blank. User must pick from all the available system drives.
>> rf: request-file/file %/e/art
Displays %/e/ but user must still select the "art" dir by hand to view the files. But, it does return what was set by default:
>> rf: request-file/file %/e/art ;[user immediately clicks SELECT]
== [%/e/art] and likewise
>> rf: request-file/file %/e/art/ ;[user immediately clicks SELECT]
== [%/e/art/]
>> rf: request-file/file %/e/art/somefile.sfx
OK this now opens in the right directory, even if "somefile.sfx" does not exist. User can now immediately view contents of %/e/art/ TIP A nice thing I discovered: you can use a block with the /filter refinement to display several filetypes: rf: request-file/file/filter %/e/art/ [".swf" ".html"] WISHLIST My basic wishlist for request file: - resizing of all areas and the tool itself. This is so basic!!! - auto-resizing by width so file name are ways fully visible. - color display of different filetypes - option to use more standard single listing to displays directory names along with files and also "../" items, so you don't have to click the "parent" button. - add function buttons built-in This last would be an "/addbutton" refinement allowing one to directly include a named button in the requester and assign a function to it. 50% of the time that's probably what people want to do anyway. Does /IOS have a better request-file interface or tools? If so how do we get some? If not, I cannot imagine how people in businesses must react then when they get to that part of the demo. [clunky-funky..grumblmumble] File requesters are probably the most commonly used interface of all operating systems. thanks ./Jason

 [2/3] from: rebol::optushome::com::au at: 16-Oct-2002 20:08

Jason, Not much point trying to patch the old View request-file dialogue, but if you really want to all the source is there, so you can make it behave and look the way you want. The later versions of View and IOS present the OS native file dialog (just like a web browser does). You can see this yourself if grab one of the latest beta builds from (only windows and linux betas are there though) Cheers, Allen K

 [3/3] from: g:santilli:tiscalinet:it at: 16-Oct-2002 13:16

Hi Jason, On Tuesday, October 15, 2002, 8:08:41 PM, you wrote: JC> I know this has come up before. But I keep asking in case there are now nicer JC> alternatives or undocumented techniques and treasures... Try it on the new beta. It uses the local OS file requester by default. Regards, Gabriele. -- Gabriele Santilli <[g--santilli--tiscalinet--it]> -- REBOL Programmer Amigan -- AGI L'Aquila -- REB: