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password in POP scheme

 [1/7] from: carlos::lorenz::bol::com::br at: 8-Jan-2004 11:13

Hi list, Maybe this was answered here a hundred times but how can I read my mail box in just one line if a have as username "[carlos--lorenz--bol--com--br]" and as passwdord "mypass" ? pop://[carlos--lorenz--bol--com--br]:[mypass--bol--com--br] does not work TIA Carlos

 [2/7] from: juan-carlos:miranda:thalesatm at: 8-Jan-2004 15:34

Carlos Lorenz wrote:
>Hi list, >Maybe this was answered here a hundred times
<<quoted lines omitted: 3>>
>TIA >Carlos
You could give a try to something like : open [ scheme: 'POP user: "[carlos--lorenz--bol--com--br]" pass: "mypass" hostname: "" ] It should work I think. :) Bouba

 [3/7] from: patrick:philipot:laposte at: 8-Jan-2004 16:12

Hi Carlos
The following example fetches email with the post office protocol (POP) and prints all of the current messages but leaves them on the server: foreach message read pop://user:[pass--mail--dom] [ print message ] HTH Regards Patrick

 [4/7] from: carlos:lorenz:bol at: 8-Jan-2004 15:37

Patrick, Thanks but it just does not help since my username is my own email address and if I put read pop://[carlos--lorenz--bol--com--br]:[pass--mail--dom] REBOL brings an error Carlos Em Qui 08 Jan 2004 13:12, you wrote:

 [5/7] from: carlos:lorenz:bol at: 8-Jan-2004 16:31

Hi Bouba, I also need to delete all messages after download them so I guess I'll need to treat my INBOX as a port in order to CLOSE it after deleting messages and safely commit changes to disk If I use this: mailbox: read [ scheme: 'POP user: "[carlos--lorenz--bol--com--br]" pass: "mypass" hostname: "" ] then mailbox is a block and not a port Here's my code: mailbox: read [   scheme: 'pop     host: ""     user: "[carlos--lorenz--bol--com--br]"     pass: "pass" timeout: false ] forall mailbox [ mail: import-email first mailbox if find mail/subject "Test" [ remove mailbox ] ] Em Qui 08 Jan 2004 12:34, you wrote:

 [6/7] from: ammon:addept:ws at: 8-Jan-2004 14:09

Hey Carlos, try OPENing the mailbox instead of READing it. HTH ~~Ammon ;->

 [7/7] from: hallvard:ystad:oops-as:no at: 8-Jan-2004 22:32

Hi, Carlos, quoting an earlier post by Petr:
>@ is not allowed in url name part. You can either use multiple-line >scheme aproach, or you can install quick fix into your user.r file: > >net-utils/url-parser/user-char: union net-utils/url-parser/user-char >make bitset! #"@" > >...that way your above aproach should work ...
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